Do you celebrate thanksgiving?

It’s only a couple of days and a lot of people will celebrate thanksgiving.

Do you celebrate thanksgiving? What are your plans?

For starters, I don’t and have never done. The turkeys will be grateful :smiling_face:


I celebrate,

But I got issues with it.

I think it’s an odd holiday.

I mean, isn’t it like something about the Native Americans helping us,

And then we killed most of them and made the survivors move to Oklahoma.


I don’t know, my mom working for a Native American Nation has kind of ruined the spirit of Thanksgiving for me.


Not this year. We are doing nothing. Thanksgiving was a fairly big deal years ago when grandparents hosted it, but because of dads joy with Halloween stuff, Halloween has pretty well surpassed Thanksgiving in importance in our household.

We would maybe be going to my sisters, but my mom is still a bit disabled physically from her spinal issues and doesnt want to try leaving the house.

So, probably nothing this year.

Edit: Just like most of the stores, we are mostly moved on to Christmas already. Dad has Christmas decorations up…I’m shopping. Etc.

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We have adopted several Western holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

Thanksgiving hasn’t made its way to us yet.


Thanksgiving is a slap in the face for Native Americans. That being said my family celebrates it even though we are part Native American. Ironic.


We celebrate being grateful… but I think the holiday is sort of bizarre. Does it heal the wounds of colonialism?


This is probably true at its core, but I dont think most Americans really celebrate it the way it was originally intended anymore. Most people just think of it as a holiday to be thankful and eat a lot of food.

It’s similar in the regard to the origins of Christmas. Also, a huge amount of the people that celebrate Christmas no longer celebrate as the birth of a certain person, but as a time to get together and, eat and exchange gifts. There are a great many people who celebrate Christmas who arent religious.

The Celebration of these holidays has evolved in peoples minds to a great extent over time .

A lot of these celebrations may be offensive at their core, but it all depends on how you celebrate them and what you focus on , I guess.

Edit: What does a Christmas tree really have to do with a certain persons birth. How about Easter and a bunny giving out eggs and candy?

I guess my point is, they dont necessarily mean what they used to to many people.

But I certainly do understand where you are coming from. The origin is not good.


We already had our thanksgiving last month here in Canada. Love me some turkey.


Yeah. I get your point. Yeah my family celebrates it. Our last name is I think Scott-Irish but our whole family has dark skin hair and eyes. Unless there are Europeans that look like that we are part NA. Our Native blood doesn’t show up on DNA testing though but my dad says that’s common.


I eat and watch football. :shrimp::shrimp::shrimp:


I think a lot of folks do that


Yup. Very common. :blush::blush::blush:


I celebrate but not for the history of the holiday. I celebrate by finding all the things I’m thankful for, and spending time with family


I don’t care for Thanksgiving so much, I see it as one big family get together.

And I agree with @Charles_Foster

We treat the Native American people like trash, so what is there to celebrate.

I also don’t like Thanksgiving because the whole holiday is based on food.

I have OCD related fears about others drugging my food.

Not good


Ocd fears are legit. How do you cope with it? I mean you don’t eat out? You prepare your own food?


I’ve gotten better with my fears over the years @Loke

I do still go to gatherings and restaurants but it’s not easy


We celebrate it in Canada, but at the beginning of October.

It wasn’t much of one for us this year. Our daughter wasn’t able to make it home for that weekend and our furnace went out the week before and wound up being replaced on Thanksgiving Day. Had a couple guys in our home clanking and banging away.

The next major holiday for us now is Christmas, which I am dreading.

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I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving much, just attend the party my clubhouse gives the day before. When I lived with my parents in Florida it was a big deal but since I moved 5000 miles away I’m alone (which I don’t mind). The nice thing here is that the food bank gives out free turkeys to everyone that shows up…I save it frozen on my back patio and cook it for Christmas.

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