Happy poo year

not much sleep lately so all over the place i asked myself where do i want to spend new years and answer with you lovely people if you feel alone out that feel that theres a party down the road that your sure all the beautiful people are at etc just know thousands and thousands and thousands of people will be having the same feelings.
and tomorrow you wont be hungover fresh as a diasy i love you (im really not drunk) and happy new years in advance.


Thanks. :smile: Happy new year to you too. I’m not doing anything special for the new year, while other people are out partying.

partying smartying theyre all playing the “im having such a great time game” and everywheres busy and crouded with lno where to sit your not missing a thing trust me.
enless you like being around pervy men who squeeze your bum when u walk past.

Happy new year to you too.

Happy poo year to all. AKA Happy New Year! I’m trying to enjoy my “non-celebration”. Too much disappointment lately. Just sat and watched Dr. Phil. So much turbulence lately, just peace is celebration enough. But, yeah I’m gonna drink tonight. Don’t excuse or condone what I do. Heck, I don’t even want to go anywhere tonight. Just relatively safe in my home, no drunk drivers, no racket which bothers me. Later, I’ll listen to my music and fantasize.

happy new year to you, i hope every good dream you have comes true.
take care

I feel horribly alone. I used to drink away that feeling, but not this year. This must be what people feel like when they kill themselves around the holidays. Happy Poo Year!

What does happy POO year mean? Is this the year of the bear?

Im just having some coffee this new year.

But i shall go forth in the mid of night to see the works from afar! My own little thing, maybe for a change i can actually be alone because it seems that “they” are always around me. Is it satellites, or do they follow me around, who knows, could be both at different times.

I can’t wait until something new actually happens though, it should be called “same old year’s eve”. Just headed towards more war and starvation really, woopity ■■■■■■ doo.

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TLC is having a new years Honey Poo Poo marathon.

I’m so glad to spend new years with you guys. It’s just a party, I don’t do that anymore so…here I am online with yall!