New year celebrations

hi, i usually have New year celebrations at my mums but this year will be different, me and a friend are going out for some food and a night service and i cant wait, i hope you all have a good one.

are you doing anything nice for New Year?

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Most likely i will stay home, i have quit drinking and i cant go out and remain sober, especially when every one will be drinking and celebrating.

i wont be drinking alcohol tbh, i think you can still have fun without it but i can uderstand how you could be tempted.

The cooking group at the activity center is making chinese noodle dishes. :sunny:


i am hosting a party. lots of teenagers, lots of food, lots of alcohol and lots of cleaning up the next day i fear!

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Just staying home. I don’t drink alcohol either. I’m not against it it just doesn’t mesh well with my meds. :slight_smile:

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sounds crazy :confused: well i hope you enjoy it anyway lol

the teens in question r all 17/18 and r responsible dreamer. we’ve eaten and r now enjoying a few drinks. it’s all perfectly safe. my younger son and his friend r playing the xbox. we’re having fun and will celebrate with some champagne at midnight. xxx hope u enjoy ur evening hunni. xxx

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