The morning after

Continuing the discussion from Happy poo year:

It’s the morning after poo year… I was in bed by 10:00 p.m. and I feel great. I had a really good night. My sis came home around 4 in the after noon, we made and early dinner and she was tucked up in her bed at 8:00 p.m. Early for teen ager. I know. As I sat here drinking my coffee and typing… I knocked her phone off the table and it came to life with mass amounts of text…

One of her friends got busted for drunk driving and speeding in a residential with a minor in the car. Two of her friends are in hospital for alcohol poisoning, one in hospital of overdose, a different one has a broken arm from climbing tree while drunk, for a bet. One got mugged at the ATM at 1:00 a.m. One got his car totaled when a drunken friend crashed into his car leaving a party. One passed out in the park and his shoes were stolen…

My favorite text from one of my sister’s friend’s … (bare in mind, we’re in seattle, home of Starbucks)

“Please come get me… I’m lost in Downtown. I’m on the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk in front of the Starbucks”

My kid was tucked up in bed during the whole mess. :relieved:


Oh my goodness! That’s ALOT of drama in one night!

Thank God she stayed home and avoided all that mess!




I was in psychosis and then in hospital during much of my 17th and 18th year on this earth. I’m beginning to think that there is a lot of natural drama just by the fact of being 17 and 18. They seem to be dramatic years of everyone.

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“Please come get me… I’m lost in Downtown. I’m on the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk in front of the Starbucks”

That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.


Like you? …

Thank goodness she was not involved in any of that. :thumbsup:

they all sound like geniuses !
take care

things people do at new year once i went to a party woke up there was a screen door made my escape down some steps fell THROUGH the 3rd stp into a massive bunch of brambles underneath which shredded one leg of my trousers. then i limped home in a state of shock.

That was hilarious! Kids are all clinically insane! They make us look better!

I think you might have a book in you, about you, and your family. I find what you write interesting to read. Just fragments like this -

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Thank you for that… :blush: