Happy mood after drinking tea

I dont know wtf this is all about. But whenever i drink tea, i become very happy, talkative and even motivated.

Anyone have similar experience ?


I wish I did. Nothing makes me happy. Negative symptoms all day long every second of it. Good to hear that you have found something that keeps you going and negates the negative symptoms!

Virjii kaise ho tum…

Keep drinking tea :coffee: :slight_smile:

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Sorry I forgot to add that I drink tea which is made with Cardamom


Tea does contain caffeine and l-theanine, and perhaps you put sugar in it, all those things can affect your mood a bit. It’s part of why people like tea.


Yea, @twinklestars is right about the l-theanine; it’s also a supplement I take in powder form and it relaxes me.

I once gave the sister of my friend 2 cups of tea with this: yerba mate (highly caffeinated) and gotu kola herb (supposed to help with cognition) and within 20 minutes she was fidgeting in her seat, talking all fast, and laughing at everything.

Apparently, she never drinks coffee, so the tea really hit her. LOL, I was like oh my bad, I didn’t think you’d have a ‘trip’ on my tea hahaha. She was like "omg, what did you put in the tea? I feel great! But I can’t sit still!"
Caffeine heads like me (like 4 shots of espresso in the morning, followed up with tea), don’t get that full effect, just a little, “ah, this is nice” effect.

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Nothing better than Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea. Delicious!

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