So i started on haloperidol gradually since the 13th and for five or six days been on it alone without the Solian. I didn’t know how well it was going to go and was remembering how i landed up in hospital in January because of using my husband’s haloperidol. But back then it was a very low dose (0,5mg) whereas now i am taking 2mg of haloperidol. On Saturday night i had a mindstorm or schizophrenic attack. I was agitated and anxious, heard voices and my thoughts went jumbled. I spoke gibberish and my face went all flat. I took my pills and an hour later i calmed down. It didn’t happen since, but i’ve been feeling so anxious. I have some worries on my mind, like going for the drivers licence test and whether or not i am pregnant, but when i was on the Solian i seemed to have less problems with anxiety. I don’t know if the anxiety is a withdrawal symptom. I have also been feeling really down and dead like there is nothing to look forward to in life. I feel so unmotivated, sometimes its so hard to even get out of bed. I hate going out except to the beach, and seeing the beautiful sea, and when i have to socialise i try to avoid people, i can’t cope with them. What is happening in my life??? Is the haloperidol going to work? I keep it on my mind as i wait to see my pdoc on the 3rd April again. I hope it will, i don’t feel like going through yet another pill switch again.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. You might just need a med increase of the Haldol. You can go all the way up to 100 mg if your symptoms are refractory to treatment.

Give this med a chance before switching. We all know how rough it is to switch antipsychotics!



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haloperidol was not so effective for me and as i heard it has some serious side effects, what meds have you consumed yet?

no med i have taken worked on my voices. have just started haloperidal injections so at a low dose at the minute but increasing every month. so far, so crap. same as all the others. ie: no effect whatsoever. who knows, maybe ot will work for u. i doubt it will work for me at all but i’ll keep on with it for a while yet. good luck with it xxx

The meds I took in the eleven years since my diagnosis were Seroquel, zyprexa, clozapine, risperidone, sulpiride and amisulpride (Solian) and now haloperidol.

so you are somewhat familiar with meds, you have had strong and effective meds like resperidone and clozapine and I dont think haloperidol is more effective than them, however try haloperidol and see if it works or not and remember that in case of schizophrenia it’s more patient which desides what to consume than pdoc because meds have side effects that only patients really percieves them while pdocs tend to just stabilize you and focus on a med for a long time and usually dont mind how you suffer from side effects so be deciding and demanding toward them, about meds try perphenazine,a very strong and effective and side effect free med and also abilify though not effective as pephenazine but side effect free too even more than perphenazine, I had consume all of what you had consume except sulpride and amysulpride and have consumed haloperidol too and some more meds and haloperidol even on 5mg was the weakest one, however as i said try it and see if it works or not and campare it with other meds you have consumed and preserve the right for yourself to choose between them.

I take haloperidol shots twice a month and they work for me just fine. I take a 100mg every two weeks and it takes care of the voices and delusions. I didn’t do very well with the pill. I had a minor heart attack from the pills and I refuse to take them any more. I have noticed that I shake more on haloperidol but the pdoc prescribes Cogentin for the shakes and it works well. Good luck with the pills. I can only hope that they work better for you than they did me.

I am talking about my son who is 26 diagnosed Schizoaffective. About a month ago he was discharged from the care center after being hospitalized for suicide attempt. He has been taking Zyprexa and Zoloft for the last 9 years. 2 years ago he started breaking though. Since then he has been up and down on different meds but ends up going back to Zyprexa Zoloft combo. The care center doctor decided to drop Zyprexa and replace it with Haldol and replace the Zoloft with Wellbutrin. New regimen 5 mg Haldol 3 times a day, 150 mg Wellbutrin 3 in morning.
Well 3 weeks later EPS came knocking his upper body was frozen when he walked, he couldn’t ride his bike any more and even worse his coordination was so stiff but tremory he couldn’t use his computer.
His counselor told us to go back to our psychiatrist and try to get him to change his medications. The Pdoc and my son agreed on Latuda. The other meds were gradually phased out and he is taking 80 mg Latuda. He lives in an aparment nearby we check on him every day. EPS symptoms are gradually fading. Anyone taking Latuda?

I’ve been on 120 mg of Latuda for a few years now. It works amazingly for me. I experience less side effects on it than I have with any other med. there’s another guy on the forum who also takes it, and he’s doing very well.

I hope it works for your son as well as it has for me.



Thanks Anthony, right now he seems to require a 3 hour+ nap after taking it but is OK when he wakes up, just a little flat and foggy. We are all willing to give it another month as we have seen these medications take some time to reach optimum effectivity.

Welcome to the forum Dan. I hope you see more improvements in your son’s EPS symptoms.

Most of my son’s EPS symptoms are completely gone but Latuda is not working out.
after almost 6 weeks on Latuda he has not improved and in fact is worse. His akathisia became worse as in more intense. He seems to be moving all the time and when he isn’t he is tired or napping. In addition this med seems to give him more anxiety. The only time it worked OK was weeks ago when we were still phasing out the Wellbutrin. In fact Wellbutrin is the only thing that seemed to help his personality. Haldol only helped a short time before the EPS messed him up. For him Latuda = flat affect and Haldol = robotic walking due to muscle stiffness. Not good.
Update!!! more positive this time. Made absolutely sure my son took Latuda at night about 8pm this time he took the 80 mg instead of 40 in am and 40 in pm. Results were better he still has some akathisia but better behavior. Still a little foggy though I hope that improves.

I am scheduled to take Latuda next as my primary antipsychotic - We decided on perphenazine as my back up AP just in case the Latuda does not work. I am thinking about taking Haldol instead of the perphenazine - maybe. I started to do more research on Haldol, my big concern are EPS and cardiac events. Maybe if the perphenazine does not work out, Haldol could be my 3rd choice? man am I confused. I look forward to seeing my pdoc in 2 weeks - Lots of medication questions

I am on 50mg depot every 2 weeks. I have just switched from having 50mg dispersal consta. Is 50mg of haldol a low dose for a depot shot. I fear it is not working and my voices are kicking off again

I’m on 10 mgs of haldolperidol daily and 140 mgs of latuda daily as well. They seem to be helping better than invega did for me. I wish you good luck.