The haloperidol really helps

…with the homicidal violent urges. Again tonight I had them but unlike last night I took the haloperidol earlier and it subsided within an hour.

I used to be on 5mg in divided doses. Now my pdoc put me on 4mg because of side effects, and increased the amisulpride by 100mg extra from 400mg to 500mg.

In the morning now, I take 1,5mg haloperidol and by night I have violent feelings and thoughts.

So I’m thinking I need minimum 5mg and hence 2,5mg in morning instead of 1,5mg to sustain me till night.

So what I want to do is schedule earlier appt with pdoc and ask to return to 5mg and bring amisulpride back to 400mg because it’s my minimum dose and works fine.

In this way I can avoid needing hospital.


Sounds like a well thought out plan. I hope your doctor agrees. You’re a good person @Hadeda . I’m sorry you’re getting these thoughts.


But aren’t you now on 500mg? Maybe the extra 100mg is currently helping you too?

Hey Hadeda. Have you tried the 100mg injection? Or you prefer pills?

Good idea to make another appointment to be proactive about your treatment

Yes, haldol is great. I take decanoate 300mg

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