Amilsulpride or haloperidol

anybody tried these two? am thinking of changing meds and just wondered what these two were like. any advice would b greatly received. thanks

i have tried haloperidol, it’s relaxing and anti agitation but wasn’t an effective med for sz and i think it has very severe side effects, consult your pdoc.

The med’s have different effects for different people. For me, and for most people who have taken haloperidol, it was just plain hell. I laid in bed 15 or 20 hours a day and daydreamed of easy ways to commit suicide. Geodon and Seroquel are so much better for me. I did talk to one guy who had a tough time with Geodon, and Haldol was easy for him to tolerate. The mind is a funny thing.

I found Amisulpride to be fairly good for symptoms, though side fx still weight gain & possible bladder disorder & distruption to periods? Meds effect everyone differently though, I guess? Good luck though?!

I have been taking haloperidol decanoate (injection ever two to four weeks). It has been a miracle drug for me. I have no side effects…drowsiness, agitation, sluggish whatever…nothing.

it has calmed me down too. I used to have a real anger problem and about two months after being on it I realized htat I had not had an explosiiiion in weeks.

I love it for me. I don’t have to take a pill ecery day to remeind me that I have sz. I would not remain med compliant if I had totake pills.

I have been taking Amisulpride 200mg for 7 months. It’s a great med because it is as potent as Zaprexa and it did not give me lots of weight , also my brain remain clear and comfortable, and as it is only 200mg, I have not gotten anxiety or restlessness. But my period stopped , and I feel hard to wake up in the morning.


Amisulpride is something that has minimal side effects. You may sleep a bit more on it but not too excessive.

Am taking haldol now…have taken for 4 days and still hearing voices. Will quit within a couple weeks if it doesnt work soon.

I quit amisulpride after 2 weeks of not stopping voices.

I cannot be the sort of person who tries meds for long periods if they do not work. I am impatient.

I also assume that if a med is going to work on my body it will do so within 2 to 4 weeks.

Haloperidol didn’t work for me at all, but amisulpride I am taking now (400mg) works very well, and hardly any side effects - just no sex drive, but all else well. Voices gone and I am calm.

Me again. Haldol is a sugar pill! It has done zero to me. My voices haven’t changed. Maybe it works for some but it has failed for me.

I’m still on Haldol, but will quit next week when I start Clozapine (a real man’s drug!)

I was totally demoralized when I was on Haldol decoate. Now I am on Geodon and Seroquel, and I am doing much better. ##

I’m on haldol depot 40mg (comparable to 4mg/day, says my doctor).

I love & I hate it. Deeply.

I love it because it completely eliminates my symptoms, better than any other med I’ve tried. I am severely psychotic (even to the standards of the doctors here) without haldol. I am so delusional I won’t dare to eat, drink, talk, sleep. With haldol I’m completely non-psychotic within one or two days. I can now function normally and have no delusions at all. Nothing. That’s great.

I hate it because I’m so depressed and emotionally flat I contemplate suicide almost every day. That’s awful.

If I’d have a chance I’d rather use another antipsychotic.

i take amisulpride at a low dose 400mg daily and it is very good for me with little side effects but everyone is different.

Amisulpride made me feel like a heavy weight and blew me up like a balloon but all the atypicals have made me really fat. I am now on 3 mgs of Haldol at night and my weight is mostly stable but I am tired most days. Haldol takes away voices and paranoia for me. As you can see everyone reacts differently to the meds…only way you can find out is to try it and see.

I was in pretty much the same boat as you when they had me on the Haldol shot. You might try reducing your dose. Also, if you can do a little bit of exercise - just enough to get the endorphins in your system - that can improve your mood. A word of caution, though - one time after they reduced my dose of Haldol I was drinking a lot of coffee, taking a lot of ephedrine pills, and exercising rigorously, and I relapsed. If reducing your dose of Haldol doesn’t work, try Geodon and Seroquel. They control my symptoms with few side effects. They might help you.

Thanks for your help. At the moment I have a court order and the doctor doesn’t want to change to another med or reduce the dose. She thinks this is effective. I think that’s stupid - if a med makes a patient severely suicidal it’s not effective. You risk losing the psychosis, but also the whole patient, which is not the goal of treatment, I’d say. I’ll have another psychiatrist soon though, so maybe she does see the need for change.

I will try and start to exercise again, that’s good advice, thanks!

I take 150 mg of amisulpride. It works well on positive symptoms but I have some memory problems. The doctor says it can be caused by disease not a medicine but I believe that my memory problems are caused by medicine. I have to take little dose of olanzapine to sleep long enough. I also take melatonin to sleep well. When I was taking amisulpride only I slept only 4-6 hours. For me it is a good medicine but it cause high level of prolactin.