What’s your experience of haloperidol? This is a new drug for me. I’ve taken a lot of APs and I am hoping this one provides and answer.

Never was on Haldol as maintenance but have been injected with it in the Hospital numerous times.
I love Haldol.
It works better than risperidone for me.

I took it twice each time for a few years. The first time my hair started falling out and made my thyroid levels abnormal. Second time, it messed with my eye sight and I had to hold stuff far away to see it. It made me lose 20 pounds within a month. Last time I took haldol was last month as prn in the hospital. Hospitals like to give out haldol

Haloperidol was the first antipsychotic I ever had, just as an injection at the hospital. It did help my symptoms and calmed me down. But I also shat my pants. (Which may or may not have been the haldol). The first maintenance drug I was on was risperidone. I used to take haloperidol PRN for anxiety, but not since I started Rexulti.

A lot depends on your dose. When I was on 40 mg a day it was horrible. I took the shot as a maintenance drug for a few years. Those were not happy years.

I was taking 80mg haldol pills.
Then I quit. And now with new pdoc, he gives me the haldol injection 150mg

I take haldol. The shot 100 mg. It works pretty well for me. But my voices have been coming back.

I was on this drug. I had to take loads of diazepam and procyclidine to cope with the side effects. I had a lot of movement problems.

Plus side is no weight gain, but as it’s older the other EPS effects can be off putting.

We’re all different though.

Highly effective med

I believe I had a Haldol shot once in the emergency room while I was psychotic, I remember it working very well, calmed me down

I took Haldol for a couple of years. I had night sweats and would wake up in the middle of the night. It was good in that it kept me calm and kept my symptoms under control.