Who has tried HALDOL?

Interested in your experiences. I took 3mg here in New Zealand tonight. I have been hearing voices 24 hours a day for 7 years…and no meds have worked. I have been super desperate ever since 2007. It’s messed up.

I noticed that for about 30 minutes after taking the Haldol, I had a reduction in the volume of the voice I hear and speaking less frequently. I did feel a bit better too during that 30 minute period, as I was able to focus more now that the voice was less intrusive. BUT THEN…my voice came back after 30 minutes and was back to his usual volume!!. It’s as if it were yesterday for me. There’s zero change in the voice so far.

HOW LONG does it take Haldol to get rid of voices? I plan on giving it a MAXIMUM of 4 weeks to see if it will work. I’m not the sort of person who can give a med like 3 months to work…



I only had a brief experience with Haldol, in the hospital a while back. It was not by my choice to take it. It was forcefully injected in to me as I was in state of pure psychosis and mixed mania (mixed states) The following day, the Haldol had restored me to near normalcy in that short period of time. My mood and thoughts were in a much better place.
From what I experienced, I did like how it made me feel. I am now on Risperdal which is very similar to Haldol.
If Haldol works for you usually Risperdal will as well, and vice versa. The problem is it completely knocked me out cold, but it was probably at a very high dose- it was an injection after all.


I’m sorry you only got 30 minutes of relief. They may have to work on dosage.


Hmmm…thanks for your comments. Thing is, I am on Risperdal now and have been for 3 years (well, I won’t take my risperdal pill going forward). Am I wasting my time taking Haldol if I’ve taken something similar to it?

To be honest, Risperdal is both good and bad for me. It’s powerful in terms of its ability to stabilise and prevent depression, but it also sort of dumbs you down. For me, it’s poor at having ANY effect on my voice. It has zero effect.

I was hoping that Haldol has that ‘x factor’ quality to it in that it will do something others drugs won’t.

Thanks again for your info on the similarities between Haldol and Risperdal.

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Good point Barbie. I wouldn’t have thought of that. But, there is this: I have noticed before I have taken antipsychotics such as amisulpride and Seroquel which both had the SAME thing happen. In other words, for the first half hour of taking the drug, there was relief and after that back to square one. Could that have been a dose issue, too – or is there something in my mind that can adjust to medication (i.e. beat it) so that this voice thing continues? This could be a delusion, but I sort of think that might be true.

Yeah dosing is very important when it comes to these meds, I find it particularly true for Antipsychotics.
Have you asked your doctor to adjust the doses? the timing - when you take your meds is important as well.
I’m no psychiatrist, but I think that there are enough differences between Haldol and Risperdal. I guess its worth a shot in trying Haldol. AP combos might work as well, this is worth discussing with your doctor.

I can only guess or theorize. Previously while on Seroquel & Amisulpride did you start on low doses and did you tell anyone that you had relief for 30 minutes or that it didn’t work? It’s hard to say why certain decisions were made. If you were started on a high dose and only got 30 minutes of relief then I guess chances are that it wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

Personally I think that the brain will do it’s best to keep doing what it wants to do. Just as CBT can rewire, I think SZ can rewire. Find it’s own path. If that makes sense. I don’t know how else to say it.

I don’t think you are wasting your time taking Haldol and Risperdal. My son is currently on Risperdol and Clozapine. Along with Lithium for his white blood cell count, Trazodone for sleep (when he takes it) and prescribed Gabapentin for I guess anxiety and to help him not want marijuana but he only takes this when he wants. What will work for one person will not have the same affect on someone else. Being on two AP’s at lower doses can probably can be as beneficial as being on one at a higher dose. The best person to help you figure it out would be your pdoc so be as honest with them as you can.

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Thanks Barbie. Good theory on the brain doing what it wants to do. There has be something happening when my voices come back after some relief. It’s disappointing because I can definitely live with what I was experiencing in the first 30 minutes. Does your son still hear voices? I’m seeing a psychiatrist within 2 weeks for a second opinion on clozapine. I was denied it last week but will try again soon.

Thanks. I just sort of need to know I’m not wasting my time. As you know, you go through a lot when testing meds and you want to minimize time wasted while taking something that doesn’t work.

i took haldol several times.
it’s what they shoot in your butt
when you show up at the psych hospital
refusing to behave yourself.
makes me take a nap.
in a few hours, i come out,
i walk slow, talk slow,
but when i saw the pdoc,
i said “I can still do my personality
when i’m like this, i just have to push way harder!”

I didn;t find a single dose or two to have any other effect,
i’m kinda sure there is no drug in the world
that would make me believe in gravity,
or believe that we are all separate entities,
or that we need to collect as many resources as possible
and be as lazy as possible
and find as much comfort as possible.
certainly not a few doses of haldol
going to sleep is the most i’ve ever gotten out of any psych med,
and even that only rarely.

later in life, when i asked for psych meds that would work,
haldol was one of the things they tried.
it did put me down for several hours
even when nothing else would


i got a policy about EVER touching haldol again.

It causes a side effect, it’s horrible, worse that the disease in my case,
an anxiety / restlessness that apparently the nurses know about,
but have very little sympathy for,
but it’s like coming off an all night crack binge
while standing in a crowded new york city rush hour commuter train,
it’s horrible, psychically punishing,

one day i called up and said
there’s something wrong, feels like a side eftect
of the haldol, i can’t descibe it other than
i feel like i need to stretch but stretching doesn’t help,
i’m stretching all over the bed and rolling around but it doesn’t work,

nurse on the phone is not sympathetic,
crazy guy that’s what you get stop complaining,
she said “well what’s the problem,
are you falling out of the bed?”

i’ve repeated that story to nurses and doctors
and they say that is a well known side effect
and they want to give you another drug to help with that side effect,

i’ve never tried the cocktail with the second drug,

but honestly at this late stage of this incurable sz life,
i’m thinking the fitting end would be to go become a homeless heroin addict
or alchoholic, just pass out in the alley and doze the last bit of my life away back there,
only thing is i’m procrastinatin startin that life cause i hate alchohol drinking more than a couple of drinks, that hangover feeling! and i never tried heroin and it does look kind of brutal…

and yeah i agree the brain does what it wants to do.
when i first tried seroquel i did 600mg a day for three months,
then 8 days of cold turkey hell, walking around new york city scaring people,
but pulling all the punches.

that heavy a dose of seroquel did quiet my personality.
no longer getting rave reviews on my teaching evals cause i was just phoning it in now,
instead of the manic overdrive presentation i had built my carreer on.
back then i also noticed, a cop car would go by and i wouldn’t get all excited
playing out a million life and death battle situations when i see the cop,
i thought “this must be what it’s like to be normal”,
all of a sudden i’m not thinking up new psychoses while waiting for the light to change
\or during the commercials.

But when i quit, the mind did something nasty for 8 days, spiked to serious sz levels.
after the 8 days, the mind came back down, not to normal of course,
but back to the slightly insane level it had been at my whole life.

that taught me that the mind is gonna go to it’s place no matter what,
chemical imbalance is nonsense, we are all balanced different,m
but if you are not on drugs, that is your balance,
crazy as it might be,
and my impression is if you take the drugs,
you are just “trying to make the chemistry something that it aint”
as shriekback said in the 80’s

and buddha said if you are trying to relieve suffering
and you are touching something in order to relieve the suffering
then you will have to suffer again,
when you stop touching that thing.


Haldol didn’t work out for me. I think it made my stomach upset. Have you tried Clozapine?

Hi Jake. I was denied clozapine by my psychiatrist last week for various reasons. I am getting a 2nd opinion within a couple of weeks to try again. Did Haldol not work for you for voices and clozapine work? Or was it something else.

I wasn’t on Haldol very long because of the side effects. So I don’t know, I still had the same amount of voices when I was on it. I haven’t tried Clozapine yet but I’m going to start very soon.

There are other meds you might want to try before Clozaril/Clozapine. Maybe Perphenazine or another typical antipsychotic. I don’t know meds work differently for every person. You could try Haldol alone or in combination with an atypical. Its really a guessing game when it comes to these meds, I would have a long conversation with your doctor if you can.

im taking Haloperidol now because its very cheap and i cannot afford newer and expensive antipsychotics, it works for me im only taking 5mg per day

How long did it take to work for you?

For me after the 2nd haldol decanoate injection (75mgs) evey 2 weeks , all the voices stopped and then I quit talking to myself (to loudly of course). Worked so well people were surprised I was in the same room with them and they didn’t realize it.
I asked to quit the shots after about a year because it had worked so well my head was so quiet I couldn’t stand the emptiness.
Have been on 10 mgs haldol for a few years, although my head was empty, it wasn’t the same degree of empty as the shots.
Personally I liked haldol and never had bad side effects.

Hi, thanks for letting me know how long it took to work. If you’ve been on it for a few years, have you gained a significant amount of weight since then?. I’ve taken 2 pills so far, tonight and last night. Have had no side effects @ 3mg.

About 30lbs. But, boredom was the bigger factor, I just liked to eat. Didn’t take long to lose it, even while on it by walking more.

I was put on Haldol in the seventies. I immediately calmed down. I spent five years in that hospital room lying down, contemplating things. I was no longer so wrapped up in other people and their problems.I began seeing pictures before my eyelids. I ended up tossing and turning, trying to go to sleep early in the evening. Finally I tried to commit suicide by taking a bottle of Sominex, an over the counter sleeping pill. I was on the Haldol about eight years. Most of the time I spent lying down. As I recall, I was on about 5 mg. I stopped taking it in eighty or eighty-one. I was put on a new drug called Loxapine which numbed my brain.