This is the medicine I take it is an older version with more side effects so I take cogentin to help. The only side effect I have is stiffness in my arms and legs. They feel like they have fallen asleep. But the voices are pretty much better. Is there anyone else who takes this medicine? If so, what is your experience with it?


Paging @LED …!!!

What does that mean?

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@LED is on haldol and @cbbrown is too…i think they will help u…!!!

Thanks for letting them know

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Where r u from @JadeSmith143…how old are u sister…

Im from Texas. I am 32. I’ve have sz since I was 24.

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Morning! I’m on haldol for the last several years. It’s my favorite. The side effects are manageable. I’m lowering the pill dosage and starting the shot in about 3 hours.

I am on haldol. It is better than the atypicals that I tried (zyprexa, abilify), but still horrible. I dont like the emotional blunting effect, feeling cut off from myself and not being able to solve the underlying emotional issues that are the cause of my psychosis. I feel haldol caused me to not be able to recover. Of all the meds I have tried its my favorite though.

Yeah of all the pills it’s my favorite too. Especially since it controls the voices and I can take a low dose compared to risperidone. I did not know there’s a shot. That sounds pretty cool. Wish I had that. I am on medicare tho so I don’t think they offer that.

I’m on haldol injection as well latuda. I do fine on them. But I have a high med tolerance. It takes high doses of medicine to be effective for me.

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