Demons came back 😞

I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been getting my full amount of sleep lately? But yeah the night before last they came back out of nowhere. I had been excited at work because I had actually been flirting with guys and they were flirting back and I felt like I was finally moving on from what was happening and just felt really happy and cool and feminine and then suddenly at bed the demons started harassing me saying I belonged to them and had no chance with a normal guy. I basically told them to shut up and go away and eventually they did.

Then last night it was more of the same. Worked with the guy I sort of like (probably nothing will happen there he has a gf but it was still cool) and I get back home after and they’re just going on and on about how he’s too “good” and “normal” for me, that I’m broken, I’m a freak, I’m bad, etc and thus only they will ever accept me and going on about that. And I was arguing but then I put my foot down and told them they were not allowed to bother me once I decided to go to sleep and they had to leave and they did. I refuse to be intimidated by them anymore. (And yes I know this is my symptoms acting up I still have insight don’t worry.)

So yeah a big disappointment to see them back for sure. I’m going to try to catch up with sleep and see if they go away.


Nah it’s on my to do list right after buy more eggnog though


Sorry to hear this. I have demons too. Lately, one demon has been trying to get me to quit school. He says horrible things are going to happen to me if I don’t quit.

O yea lack of sleep can be a problem.

Congrats on your success. Paradoxically that can be stressful. So just take it slow.

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you are not a freak and you a not bad

You seem strong so just hang in there you will get through it

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Idk If you think there demons I would just take back control.

Think it all is a overactive imagination.

The only thing that separates psychosis from imagination is control (not counting hallucinations). The entities I talked to were always different from my imaginary friends when I was younger. With my imaginary friends I made up what they were saying, I made up their personalities, responses, etc. With the entities, whatever they were at the time, I did not. I didn’t get to choose when to interact with them or what they said or did.

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Ah damn,

I can’t relate to that because in my own experience it didn’t happen like that.

But I’ve had times when I thought I was the devil, back when I was completely lost in the haze.

Yeah I’ve had a number of delusions in my time, paranoia etc. I’m very stable nowadays though that was more before I started treatment/got diagnosed etc


It is actually super normal for you to have a spike in symptoms after doing something potentially triggering for the first time in a while. From a PTSD perspective, I mean. When I first started dating again, my demon delusions got much worse for a while. It got better over time, as I became more comfortable with the idea that I was a regular human girl who wasn’t ruined or tainted in any way.

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