HALLELUJAH I got my modafinil

And it’s FINALLY the right amount and thanks to good rx I got it fairly cheap. (Insurance just decided to not give me the right amount for my dose for the past TWO refills and then dropped it entirely-as a result I’ve been having to take less then I really need and my functioning was not fantastic even before I ran out entirely)

The past few days without it I may as well have been in a coma that’s how out of it I was. All’s well now!!


I take that drug, too. I’ve taken it for years. It doesn’t seem to do for me as much as it did when I first took it.


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I’m so happy for you @Anna

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My doctor told me no. I’m hesitant to ask my new doctor. I’m so understimulated and tired all the time. I might have mild sleep apnea.

But congrats on the good news.

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Didn’t we talk before about trying a medication holiday? This is often recommended with stimulants. Have you tried it yet? You go around 4 days or so off it then start again.

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Nod from Jayster

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