Haldol vs thioridazine


Anyone had experiences with both of these and can compare/contrast the two? how did they (or one of them) make you feel?


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Thioridazazine is not used much now, I have not heard of anyone having it prescribed to them lately, because it prolongs the QT interval and can cause heart arrhythmias which can be fatal. Most people who were on Thioridazazine have been changed to Chlorpromazine, or to an atypical antipsychotic.
Haldol is still used, and some people prefer it to the newer antipsychotics. It is cheap and effective but has a risk of extra pyramidal side effects.

The whole time I was on Haldol I was completely miserable. That drug doesn’t agree with me. It’s not like that for everyone, though. I think I’ve had brief experiences with thiordazine in small doses. It’s not as bad as Haldol, but I still don’t like it.

I have been on Haldol most of my life. Somehow it works well with me.