Had to throw it away

While they tormented me all the way across the country, after running me from my apartment, they mentioned some things about my belongings.

My music.

My guitar.

After my torture for weeks what they said hit me pretty hard.

They said my music was from them.

They said my guitar was also from them.

So, i did the most logical thing i could do and threw them in the garbage on the beach.

I also attempted to ditch my car and just leave earth, i headed into the wilderness for a few hours, but i couldn’t muster to keep it going.

I just had to throw it all away, or what i could anyway. If it wasn’t to painful i would have thrown it all away and just left entirely.

So, when i eventually made it to my home base they doped me up and i forgot the entire thing almost instantly.

Amazing how that works isn’t it? They take away everything you loved however they can can wrestle it from you death-hold grip. Then they want you to think it was your idea to get rid of it, including yourself.
Know what gets them angry? When you destroy everything you love so they can’t have it either, and you live long enough to be a boil on their butt forever.
Who says you can’t enjoy your life?

i dragged the sofa and a few books and some paintings out on to the lawn and set alight to them, that showed them who’s boss, my wife quite liked sitting on the sofa though !?!
i had to say ’ sorry ’ alot for that one !
take care