They might be trying to get rid of me


Some money has gone missing from someone’s wallet.

They might try to put it on me and get rid of me.

If i stop coming on that is what happened and im probably dead.

I know they want rid of me badly. It’s funny to, all that they had to do was say so, so impatient and lazy and dishonorable they are. They really would rather set me up to do it. All they had to do was say so.

We’re so stupid and we don’t even know it.

So thats the scoop right now. Money is missing and everyone wants me gone and im guessing it mind end up in my ■■■■.

I mean ■■■■ all they had to do was say so. It isn’t hard, i just need some time thats all.

why do you think they want to get rid of you.

Because they repeatedly tell me how sick of me they are.

They really really hate me i can say.

But these are the types to muck it all up you know, they really can’t just make a good plan for me to leave at all, it has to be ■■■■■■ up or they won’t do it basically.

You know whats funny is i had my own place and i was convinced to move in with them. They used me to get their ■■■■ and now would like me gone and will just ■■■■ me over.

Thats how it goes in the psychopathic world of hate.

if you’re older than 25 you should have your own place. having roommates especially guys, is not really a good thing. If you can afford living on your own, even in a tiny studio go for it. These guys who live together are kinda weird and immature. why would they accuse you of something you didn’t do. It’s really childish. if they no longer want you around, they could just tell you and give a reason, like a gentleman.

why do you think they’re sick of you. did you do something?

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It’s not that i did something to me, im just crazy and people usually just hate you.

They’d accuse me of it because they suck and they hate me. it is childish. Dude people are framing eachother all of the time down here. In this situation though we cut a deal that id have a place to go when they were done devouring me, they just said “■■■■ that ■■■■!”

You just know when someone is sick of you when they say it over and over again. Crazy, not really a crime but you’ll take a beating for it.

And ill have to disagree with you. It’s the intelligent and mature ones who do that. They don’t want to feed themselves to all of the ■■■■■■■■.

Whatever happens-stay in touch with us.
You wanted to be out of there a long time ago. You don`t need to be talked to that way.
What are you going to do?

Oh, I’m so sorry.

So many employers are running the honor system with so many part-time looneys who follow orders from voices really make it hard on the rest of the people just getting by. I worked for govt and they actually used one certain job to ruin newbies for sure. I spent longest time it the job as I got along with boss - 3 years for me. Others were 4 months or 9 months…Office was keeping a nut and just running through the poorer mostly female employees, eventually my time came too when I was not so reliable during the nervous breakdown/first contact with mental care. LOTS of employers are running a scam keeping the thugs and running through the poorer females here over and over at lots of places…Some places also have a lot of churched nutty fakes who will mess up coworkers, even their employer. I wish you the best in straightening it out, scope out job with fewer problems and quit. If you know any businesspeople who run their own little business, could be good time to network.

Friend worked in another state in good govt job, they trashed some unmarried women too. Lady friends of mine have been leaving my city as they got messed up at multiple employers and there is just nothing to show for staying here – car blew up, house went back, played by the relationships. Some could get together a little business, as long as none of the community nuts cause any problems for your customers which is not uncommon were I live. Guy scooped dog poop during college, getting together lots of contracts for people who wanted their yard cleaned then stuff started to happen to his client’s yards + belongings and he had to totally shut it down. Had no clue whose ass to kiss either to fix this up, just told verbally by the nuts to leave here.

Some do okay with ebay if you live near a thrift store outlet that sells by the lb or you have another opportunity to buy discounted stuff…But you get some scammers on ebay who didn’t get the package or don’t know what it smells like due to their own problems…Cameras can be a little off on color if you take picture inside so that can get you for using cheap camera.

Aren’t thoughts just strings of words we make up in our heads?

Do they have any actual weight? Or physical substance?

(Hint: Only if we give it to them.)

Are thoughts actually “real?” (Like that doorway you have to walk through to go outside?) (Like the chair you’re sitting on?) (Like this computer screen in front of your face?)

Or are they just concoctions our minds invent to try to explain recent (or distant) past events?

And isn’t thinking actually living in the past and projecting a future that hasn’t happened?

(Print this out and paste on the wall. Read it every day for a month. Your life WILL change.)

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