Could you get out of my car?

On my way south during my second torture fest it was dark on the road.

My brain began to think, because of them, that someone was in the back seat, someone that should not have been there, someone bad.

I didn’t see anyone, it wasn’t a visual thing, just in the mind, just a persistent thought that was put there.

They even got me to throw away my music, my guitar, i even tried to leave my car, they screwed me up really really bad.

I even hit a pyramid way out in nowhere, my body stopped for some reason very quickly, inside it screamed “stop the car now!” or “i have to stop!” My body went up to the top where i was then pelted with suggestions to starve and thirst myself at the top until dead, it wasn’t external though, it was inside, confusing to feel it inside.

It was like myself trying to convince myself to do it there, but i knew it wasn’t myself at all, it wasn’t me, plain and simple, i wasn’t me at that point. They have even harmed me twice while appearing visually, causing physical pain and even leaving two marks for awhile during one of these instances.

I can’t remember about the music and guitar though, i think they were saying something about how it belonged to them, that was their music, it came from them, from their institutions and things like that, that they approved it or something.

After seeing pan, after being tormented for awhile down there it was time to leave because a police officer found me and sent me to go get help from family. I was heading into the forest, it was darker than dark as i entered it and they began telling me something about mephisto in my mind, like he was there in the dark with me.

Creepy ■■■■ to say the least, creepy and painful ■■■■, elongated suffering, it just never stops, and if i don’t take the poisons they hurt me very badly yet again.

I want out of here, i need out of here.

It’s unusual, not a belief though.