Had to cut out Beta Alanine. Was getting muscle pains

Beta Alanine was a life saver supplement for me. I can still keep it as a PRN though.

I feel really rough now that I’ve stopped it.

2 steps forward and one step back… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Aren’t the muscle pains from doing press ups? :wink:

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Not yet, hopefully that’ll happen in the new year !

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On site where I ordered beta alanine is written that it should be used periodically: 2 weeks 3g daily (divided in two doses), then 2 weeks 6g daily (divided in two doses), after that there should be a period of 2 weeks without beta alanine… I will try to use it that way.

I found on other site similar dosing: 1.-5. day 6g daily, then 6.-35. day 3g daily, then 2 weeks without beta alanine.

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Yeah, I think using it continually causes problems. I’ll keep it as as a PRN.

I feel so depressed since I stopped this :frowning:

It was really helping obviously.

Today is my second day using beta alanine and I don’t see too much difference, I tried to workout and I was maybe a little less tired (maybe and little are the key words), but still I don’t have energy and I have a problem with drowsiness etc. (I’m on Abilify 300mg monthly). Maybe I have too big expectations… Besides beta alanine, I take taurine and L-theanine, also, I will try to add citrulline malate next week.

What dose of Beta Alanine did you take? 1500mg acts like a horse tranquilizer for me.

Edit: taurine and beta alanine shouldn’t be taken together as they cancel each other out.

Last Winter I was taking magnesium for muscle cramps. They can be caused by vitamin/mineral deficiency. I don’t have them anymore.

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I take 1,5g beta alanine 2h before planned exercise and 1,5g after exercise, I think I will take it that way for two weeks, after that I plan to take it 3g before, and 3g after exercise, and then two weeks without beta alanine. I found some articles that say that taurine and beta alanine cancel each other, but I found also that some people mix them in the preworkout because beta alanine lowers taurine… I hope taurine is not a problem (I take it 1g daily), but maybe I will try without taurine after few days…

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I’ve just taken 2g of taurine now. Maybe the reason I’ve been having muscle problems is due to depleated taurine.

I found some article about beta alanine and taurine, I think I will stop taking my taurine to see if the beta alanine will work better… https://www.meanmuscles.com/supplements/amino-acids/taurine-and-beta-alanine/

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I was taking Beta Alanine and L-theanine together at the same time. I might try taking Beta Alanine in the morning and L-theanine in the evening to see if that’s any better. Maybe taking the 2 together is too much.

I’m really going downhill since I stopped Beta Alanine. I’d no choice as I was getting muscle pains.

But geez. My negatives have got really worse. Also there’s been a cognitive decline.

I’m taking abilify really early in the day now to compensate but it’s not really working.

i can’t really find muscle aches as a side effect from beta alanine online. It says can cause tingling in high doses.

Are you sure the muscle aches are caused by beta alanine and not just age and inactivity?

I have fibromyalgia and these last few days the pain is getting worse and plantar fasciitis is a bummer.

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They’re going away now that I’ve stopped it. It’s a pity.

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Yes it says it can cause muscles to be depleted from taurine. over a long time. Can taurine and beta alanine be taken at the same time?

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That’s a good question and I think the jury’s out on whether you can.

But I can’t take taurine for very long as I get neck pains.

If I could take either of them I’d be much happier as they both help.

That’s life I guess.

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I’m upping my L-theanine to compensate. So lets see how that works out. Right now I feel I’m just being mentally tortured so it can’t hurt to try.

Beta Alanine really was doing wonders for me mentally. But as I said, was causing physical problems.