Had my last cigarette

Yesterday at suppertime. So 24 hours. I’m jonesing for one but hoping to stay strong.


Have some sugar.


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I’m drinking a sugary coffee nice and strong.

My father is in ICU part of hospital. We’ve to him to quit ■■■■■■■ smoking. He’s gonna die because he won’t listen. He somehow getting to go home. Goddam him. Sorry Mama. I’m proud of you going to the last cig. Be strong.


I had sweets like for a week when I quit.

I drank a litre of diet coke a day at least.

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Sorry about your father @roxanna


((Hugs)) @roxanna


Good luck. I couldn’t do that.

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way to go @FatMama

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Good luck. It isn’t easy but having that money to spend on other things is so worth it. It’s like about $30 australian for a pack of twenty cigs these days over here. Way too rich for people like me on a pension.

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Here $15 for a 20 pack. Too much for me.

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I just want one so bad. Time for more coffee I guess.

Sugar !


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I need chocolate. Chili chocolate or orange chocolate or an aero bar. Mmmm

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Honestly, just go full rage sugar mode.

You’ll forget your ever craving a cigarette.

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Sounds like a good plan
:doughnut: :coffee:

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