My dad is back in the hospital

With breathing problems. He has had two heart attacks.lung cancer removed. A stroke.diabetes.
He won’t quit the cigs. It’s overwhelming. He may not see tomorrow. I’m preparing for the worst.


Addictions are very hard to treat.

I’m so sorry. Keeping you in my thoughts ((hugs))

The cigarettes might be about all he has to enjoy now. Alone in a hospital probably doesn’t help much.

I’m sorry @roxanna
Sending prayers)))

I’m really sorry. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

I’m sorry @roxanna

Wishing your dad and your family all the best. Hope he pulls through.

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I’m sorry. That’s a big load to have on your shoulders.

Take care of yourself. Hugs.

I’m sorry about your dad @roxanna. Hopefully, he’ll be OK.

I’m so sorry @roxanna (((hugs)))

Good prayers for you and your dad.:two_hearts:

Thanks you guys. I went to see him earlier.

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