Had my laser eye surgery today

I had to go to a bigger city. I took a bus. The surgery took only five minutes and I hope it will lower my eye pressures. I had visited this bigger city seven years ago and during this time they have built many new buildings and also new hospital buildings. It was a good experience. I had similar surgery many years ago. I just wish that my glaucoma won’t become worse.


I think I’m going to need surgery for my cataracts. But I don’t know when. I hope you’re feeling well post surgery.

I had LASIK in 2016. Now I need strabismus surgery which is much more complicated than LASIK (laser).

What eye illness do you have? So you have strabismus, I had to use Wiki to check it out.

Yea strabismus, exotropia.

Is there any cause and effect? Do you need the second surgery because you had he first?

No, I have strabismus since I was born. Drs gave me special glasses when I was kid to fix the strabismus, lazy muscle, but I never wore them so now I need surgery.

I am quite well after this surgery. The surgery itself did not hurt at all. My eyes are functioning normally now. I’ll have a follow up hospital visit later in this year. I just wish it lowers my eye pressures.


Glad to hear all went well x

My left eye used to wander out to the far corner of my eye. They gave me glasses to bring it back in.

The brother right after me had mega exercise to bring in his eye.

My young brother had surgery.

We are all okay now.

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