Had my first schizophrenia dream

I had my first dream where I was suffering from schizophrenia. :confused:

Be glad you could wake up from it.
I keep dreaming I’m cleaning house at my ex’s, with my current husband helping me. hehehehe

I hated it because I want to escape in my dreams.

More fun to escape in waking life.
Dreams are fleeting.

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That is true. I feel like I am slowly getting worse and coping is hard

Had a dream about one of my pdocs once frankly it was a nightmare woke up screaming. Freak the hell out my girlfriend at time.

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I am not dreaming since Sz …!!


this might sound a little weird far_cry but the same thing happened to me but if I sleep with rocks I dream just fine

and I think I do still dream I just forget them really fast. I’ve woken up before and thought I didn’t dream at all but after thinking about it for 5 minutes I remembered what I dreamed.

sleeping with gem stones makes me dream a lot better. sometimes they are like my gf too because hey all we can really do is our best

oh I had a dream, a few months back, when I woke up screaming too. It was one of the first times I had one of those dreams, since childhood. I don’t remember what it was though…

all I can remember is that the dream was so horrifying that I was screaming. and before I knew it, I was screaming and awake. It was at the dead of night, and so I woke up my mom. she wasn’t too urgent about getting to me; (she’s quite calm and collective, no matter what happens, I guess. Also, she knows I have an MI.)

sometimes I dream that I tell people in my dreams that I have schizophrenia. I didn’t remember this until you mentioned it though…yes, I dream a lot and I get a lot of escape from my dreams.

I woke up from a dream while saying, ‘Seek and you shall find’… I was speaking infront of a crowd through a microphone… I was reciting a verse from the bible,’ In the dream, last thing I said was ''ask and you shall receive…"" then I woke up while saying ‘‘seek and you shall find’’ :smiley: first time I’ve woken up talking. was a continuation of words from the dream.

I think the mind is often trying to fix things in dreams. I once dreamed a solution to a math problem that I hadn’t been able to do in class the day before. But when I woke, I couldn’t remember the solution.
My mom has been in almost all of my dreams lately (she passed seven years ago). My husband believes that when you dream about someone who has passed it’s that person visiting you. So, I’m worried that something is wrong with my sister…
Anyway, I think dreams are a search for solutions.

My wife said I yelled out in my sleep once…


I have no memory of the dream…thankfully.