Insight in Psychosis vs Dreams

I was wondering since dreaming and psychosis are almost identical (except for psychosis happening while conscious and dreaming happening while unconscious) does insight into dreaming lead to insight into psychosis? As in, does learning to lucid dream help in maintaining insight while psychotic?

I lucid dream a lot and tend to have some insight that something is wrong during psychosis (more so at the start of it.) So, is there a connection?


1-psychosis happening while conscious
2-dreams does not happening while conscious

psychosis should not be occur while dreaming

Good question. My take on it would be that if you have some insight then you will recognize it as lucid dreaming. Without insight I don’t think that recognition would be the same however I’m not experiencing it so I’m only guessing. My son has a lot of vivid dreams however it does not seem to affect his insight into sz or being psychotic.

Wake up!!! 20 characters.

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THE important question from my view
IS the nature of dreams before having Sz, do not altered after having sz ?

the nature of dreams
1- the events,and events content,the subject of the dream
2-scenarios of events {
3-personals "characters "of dream events
4-the exodus about derailment of reality during the dream events
5- the agreement between dream events and the actual events of the world
THE question
IS the sz effects or / do not effects on the nature of dreams ?

the schizophrenic individual has sees imaginary people and hearing
their voices all waking time
does that have any effects on the nature or pathways of dream events ?

in other word,
is the imaginary people has existed inside the dream events ?
Is the schizophrenic has hears the voices during the dream event ?
why ? or why not ?

Ive had dreams where I heard voices or where there was telepathy. This reflects my symptoms. Luckily all that is stopping now.

I don’t know…

I apply my lucid dreaming tactics to waking life experiences. I apply some waking experience to lucid dreaming.
I’ve been told I have shaman type dreams, as well as shaman type waking experiences.
Last night I had a dream where my wife appeared (don’t know if it was an actual spirit visitation or just dream), but we lived in this huge house that was under construction and others lived there too. One guy was being overly friendly with her and I caught him sitting on her bed near her, just talking, but you know how I would feel…instead of handling it in a rash manner as many would, I was polite and used distractions to separate the two, and ended up moving to another bed room in the house that was not completely finished yet…

4 years ago something similar happened online where a guy was flirting with her on Facebook and I found out about it, and handled it in a pretty good way in real life. I knew she wouldn’t cheat but just didn’t like the fact some guy thought he could take advantage of her just because she was a friendly person…

Those are the easy ones…when the monsters and shapeshifters and aliens appear it’s a bit more of a challenge, dream or 3D


I’m trying to regulate my reaction to outside guys. I don’t know, things just hit me so differently. I think I let stuff get overly complicated.

For the better part of a year my plant killing neighbor and I have been developing a very nice friendship. Recently, that friendship has developed further and Ok, I now have a girl friend. When guys flirt with her outright, I can be cool. I cringe a bit, but I don’t do anything. I’ll ask, “Do you want me to do something?” She’ll say, “Just ignore them.” When guys cat call or whistle, I’m Ok. I can just shrug it off.

But when the cheese guy at the market flirts with my kid sis… oh I am ready to rip his head off. When guys cat call at my sis… I do tell them, “eyes back in the head and walk away”

I’m trying to stop that. My plant killing neighbor is with me by choice, so one would think I should be more protective. I don’t know. I’m just figuring this out. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve had a girl friend, and I’ve never had one who doesn’t drink, do drugs or cheat on me.

I’ve always protected my sis from the monsters and the kidnappers and the evil dolls and brainwashing toys. But now I find there are worse things out there then kidnappers and evil imaginary friends… very real teen aged boys.


That’s actually a compliment to your GF when they do that, though I don’t get guys who will whistle at a girl who is actually with her BF or husband!

Your reaction regarding your sis is different, perfectly natural, and you seem to handle it well. Try to leave the cheese guys head intact unless he gets overly cheesy, but still certain words should shut him up…

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in most of cases,the content of dreams is similar to the nature of hallucinations,
-we meant,the events of dreams has appear themselves as
mental and emotional perceptional outputs internally in the head without existence of actual external stimuli in the environment ,and that make up the dream events look like the hallucinations

NO MATTER if the dream events is agreement with the events of the actual world OR
disagree,there is no any actual environmental stimuli in both of 2 cases

so ,if someone claims that,the hallucinations has occurs while
he is dreaming,it is like someone says the sz has effects the thoughts/believes
of mentality handicap people !

Atabo what do you do man? You’re obviously a thinker.

I’ve had a lot of success by paying attention to dreams and intuition. I use energy and focused meditation to turn my symptoms away. I don’t really hear bad voices, but they are more like premonitions of events to avoid. It always turns out that the voice or intuition is accurate in some way, it’s a matter of figuring it out.

I’m obviously a honest,that is.
Just to say fact,will make you hateful from those
who needed it crooked

The dream,is the only mental phenomenon which
is avuncular from all schizophrenia manifestation
-dream context is avuncular from the hallucinations
=during the dream scenario,all hallucinations features
are disappeared 100 %
=during the dream scenario,the individual has sees
the world events without seeing the things that
so-called the hallucinations
-during the dream events,the individual do not
see the imaginary people,do not hearing them voices,
and there is no any bilateral communication or dialogue
because they are completely absent 100 % !

during the dream events,the individual has return
to his actual world,to a world that empty from the sz
or the things that so-called hallucination

-the dream becomes a natural treatment method,
because the real world which disappeared by action
of sz has return back to the individual through the dream events !

no matter if the dream events agree or disagree with
the actual events of the real world,because the critical point
is that the world has appears itself and its events within the head of
dreamer without the manifestations of sz

the schizophrenic individual can see a world without hallucinations
during any dream

all phenomena,processes and events of hallucinations that has been occurred
during the waking do not occur during any dream

Does any one of you understand what we say ?

Personally I think the dream world becomes possible while awake which would explain why delusions, delusions of grandeur etc are believed. In our dreams anything and everything is possible without regard to whether it is probable or not. Flying for example.

My understanding is limited however I have read about the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain strongly associated with delusions and shows up in dream research and is also known as or is part of the believe evaluation center. If it is not functioning properly or differently then reality can be different.

I get your point that dreaming is without manifestations of sz or it’s supposed symptoms. Perhaps reality is a manifestation of dream in part because of sz?

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Any schizophrenic individual produces his thoughts in middle of an
agitated see with anarchism and in existence of many dispersal factors

it is a fighting against all types of dispersal factors and anarchism
NO one can make up his thoughts in lucid middle while he in the
waking time

I do dream while awake…this happens when I wake up from the dream, am aware of the surroundings in my bed, the room, the house, etc…but at the same time the dream continues in my mind, with imagery. I do not see hallucinations…the dream doesn’t visually happen 3D, only in the brains imagery. Then I can go back to sleep and continue the same dream in unbroken sequence…Sometimes I can wake up 2 or 3 times and this happens.

Flying is said to be astral projection at times. Some believe that at times when you are asleep your consciousness or astral body will leave the physical body and will be manifest in a flying dream.

I’ve had a few dreams where I flew and went places I have never been, that were confirmed true later on. One of the biggest ones was january 2003 when i dreamed i was aboard the space shuttle, wanted to go outside, and was told I couldn’t, and that something was out there. I could feel something amiss in the dream and felt helpless, though I knew something needed to be done, in the dream.
I was working at the time and watching very little TV so didn’t even know there was actually a shuttle mission up at the time I had this dream. The shuttle crashed on Feb 1, 2003…when I looked into the matter I also found that no one went on any space walk outside the shuttle because they didn’t have the equipment.
Early morning Feb 1, 2003 I had a flying dream and in that dream saw the aftermath of a spaceship crash…After I woke up someone told me to turn on the news and the crash had in fact happened.

I believe at times when we fly in dreams it is our spirit accessing other dimensions, the ability to circumvent 3D laws.

And, during the times I have had visitations from entities that teach me things, it is dreamlike…almost just like when I wake up and a dream continues, only these start when fully awake and I am aware of being in 2 places. Many of these have also been confirmed by evidence.

The schizophrenia case,the schizophrenia cause and all types of symptoms
does not exist all time of sleep or even the dream

The above fact is the confrontation heading to the scientific theories
=the sleep is the natural method to treatment all bad results of
sz effectiveness
-for any cause,if the biochemistry of the schizophrenic,loses
the ability to creates the chemical of sleeping,the biological life and the
mental life has going under the destroyed factors

If someone claims that,some specific part in the brain produces
the dream events.
in the case of sz,this part has works properly during the sz

All parts of brain which interested with the higher knowledge processes
remain working properly during sz events BUT in a middle of
delusional thoughts that emitted willingly and dispersal factors

if someone claims that,sz is a genetic disease
in the case of sz,the case,the cause and symptoms does not
existed during all time of sleep and dream !!

this means that,there is no any chemical disorder or imbalance
while the individual in a sleep or dream

this is not the nature of any genetic disease

the genetic disease must be existed all 24 hours !
-the gene do not know the sleep or even the snooze in his life function !

if that is true
the question for researchers:
where you find a defective gene,has working all time of waking
and stop working when the individual has going to sleep ?

I don’t think that a genetic dysfunction must exist all 24 hours however you do make good points.
I look at it the opposite. What is working during sleep is also working during time of waking when it shouldn’t be.
The researchers still have a lot to figure out. However if you do not belief in sz then I don’t think anything that the researches or anyone else says will sway your opinion. :smile: