Had intake evaluation

They said I was schizoaffective disorder bipolar type with bipolar disorder. I have to have three appointments lined up for the therapist then wait for those to be done then I can go to psychiatric doctor.


I didn’t know you hadn’t been diagnosed yet. I’m glad you got some answers.

Is for a hospital or to be able to have the abilty to get seen at a clinic?

At my own they call the first clinic visit intake.

I had a diagnosis of sza but no sub type. And it was an intake for a clinic. I just thought it was weird the diagnosis anyway.

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So wait u have both sza AND bipolar disorder? I didn’t know it was possible to really have both

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That’s what I thought, he said it though. I think it was because my suicide attempts happened before I was hit with psychotic symptoms.

I have sza bipolar type. I didn’t know you could then have an additional diagnosis of bipolar disorder on top of that. That must be especially cruddy. I’m sorry.

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He explained it but I just got confused. He also said he thinks I’m on too much sedating meds. He was surprised when I was prescribed haldol injection because he said its such a powerful sedating med with so many side effects he said he half expected me to be unable to provide information.

Oh my! That’s awful. I hope he’ll sort your meds out and keep you sane without the zombie effect.

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It sounds like you’re doing your best to find the right treatment. Wish you the best @cbbrown.

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