Had anyone ever taken 2 antipsychotics? I’m on invega sustenna

I get a shot once a month but I find it starts wearing off after a while and my symptoms come back. Was wondering if you can be on two somehow and what ones would go well with invega? I’m on the max dose

I wouldn’t recommend two AP you might want to try a different ap. Some people get invega sustenna every three week instead of every four.

I was on two AP’s during a couple of my hospitalizations in order to bring me back from breaking point. My pdoc tries to use as few meds as possible though.

I’m also on invega sustenna and I might be adding aripiprazole to it soon if my prolactin comes back high.

I receive an Abilify depot shot every three weeks (normally it’s every four weeks), the max dose of 400 mg, and I take oral Haldol daily.

I am on Amisulpride and haloperidol at the moment but it’s just temporary

You can take 2, I’m on invega abilify and haldol… good luck!

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Lots of people take two. I believe seroquel is a popular one to add on as a PRN, and Abilify is a popular one to add on daily. But talk to your doctor and see what they say. Some doctors like using two APs, and some prefer just using one. Your doctor might prefer giving you your shot earlier, like every 3 weeks instead of 4, or they might prefer adding on a second med.

I myself am on three AP’s. I take Risperdal Consta shots, Geodon, and Seroquel. None are prn’s. They work really well for me. I have minimal side effects.

I’ve never been on two depots at the same time. Back in the mid 70s to early 80s I was on various oral APs(not all at once) and a depot called Redeptin. I might have been on another depot before Redeptin ,but the name escapes me.

I’m on invega sustenna and take risperdone prn for when the shot wears off.

Zyprexa and seroquel, works good i think.

im on risperdal consta and olanzapine

I’ve been on several combinations in the past, seems to work better for me.

Remember you can get the shots closer together like 3 weeks instead of 4 if it is wearing off too early.

Invega sustenna 234mg once a month, 10 mg fluphenazine daily
seems to be working. and I don’t have much paranoia, can make good judgements and connect the dots, especially in an argument

I take 234 invega too. I got put on zyprexa at night so we will see how that goes.

if I were to recommend 2 APs to use I would suggest Latuda and Invega, both have very few side effects and are very effective.

That’s good. Combos like that have nothing but positivity

I had a really bad experience with latuda but my pdoc put me on zyprexa

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