Invega and latuda two antipsychotics at once

I was on latuda first, i originally started at 40 mg and it eventually increased to 160mg. Well it stopped working as well so i called my psychiatrist’s nurse and they put me on invega with latuda. Has anyone ever been on invega or even two anti-psychotics at once, if so what did your doctor do? It doesn’t have to be invega or latuda.

Funny you mentioned Latuda. I was just prescribed this med recently, I will be starting to take in 3 to 4 days or so.
I first have to completely get off the Tegretol XR. They don’t mix well together.
I am now on Risperdal which is very similar to Invega (which I also was on at one point)
I will be cross titrating meds, lowering the Risperdal and increasing the Latuda. I was thinking if the Latuda partially helps should I stay on a lower dose of Risperdal with the Latuda? Rispedal is excellent against psychosis and Latuda is supposed to be a good mood elevator. You can be on 2 different AP’s at the same time. I was wondering if Latuda and Risperdal mix well together. Invega is very similar chemically to Risperdal so we are kind of in the same boat.
Certain AP’s mix well together. Abilify and Seroquel is one example.

I was titrating geodon and latuda and latuda didnt work at all and so I went back on geodon. Latuda is very new and works wonders for some people though

Latuda worked well at first, but something always happens like increased stress or i run out and can’t take it for a week or so then i need an increase in meds.

just don’t go inVega and geodon has a certain reaction that can make your heart palpitating its just horrible.

My son is prescribed 350 mg Clozapine and 1 mg Risperidone along with Lithium, Gabapentine and Trazodone. Currently the most stable he has been in 3 years although he isn’t chronically using marijuana any more.

Seroquel and Latuda with a Xanax chaser.

I used to be on Seroquel alone for a long time and I was functioning. Not really doing much, but I was existing. Seroquel can be very sedating for me and I at one time was on 200 mg. So, I was just sitting in bed between going out. But I had worked my down to Seroquel 100 and I was up for a little more conversation, but still just there really. But then I ended up on 50 mg Seroquel and 40 mg Latuda and all off a sudden,… my head changed. My sis says it’s like I just stepped out of hibernation.

I have tried risperdal and seroquel which worked well. The seroquel was far better than the risperdal though. I am trying clozapine in two days and I do not want risperdal in the mix as I want to figure out if clozapine really works in me and not just feeling the effects of another drug that I am taking.

I have taken Invega and thorazine, and previously risperdal and thorazine. The main good thing that happened when I started taking the meds was the voices “outside my head” stopped. The interior hallucinations continued and still rarely occur today. Invega was the first drug that gave me relief from the interior voices at first for a few hours a day, and now almost all the time. The thorazine is necessary for sleep, and thought stopping.

Hi every1

I am currently switching from Invega to Latuda, I have taken one week of doses of Latuda, and my last Invega depot injection was on December 17, of 50mg. It is a low dose. But I was getting awful side effects including nausea (vomitting after eating) and coughing. I am hoping I can lose some weight and avoid these awful side effects with Latuda.


I was on Invega and Geodon at the same time once just because I was switching meds and didn’t give the first one enough time to wear off, do NOT do this! It was so mentally painful I nearly screamed, I can’t really describe what it did to me but it was highly unpleasant.

Has anyone had to deal with paranoia?