Had a total relapse

Must have drank to much caffeine, but the telepathy came back and I couldn’t shake it. Man this sucks I thought I was over this ■■■■. No more caffeine for me

sorry you had a relapse.
certain food groups i avoid, sugary drinks anything that gives me an immediate high, but i am not giving up coffee, never ever ever !!
take care

When you get a relapse, one thing you may try is to increase the med. I increased my med one month ago and it worked for me. Now my condition is stable again but I am still 100 mg more than my normal dose which is 200mg. I am going to stay on 300 mg for another month and let my brain be very stable and then I will probably drop back to 200 mg again.


Yeah, I’m just pissed this happened I was doing so well and it took me so long. All the sudden I was back in square one. God damn I hate this disease. Can’t even sleep too much caffeine. I was stupid. Maybe tommorow will be better.

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Better coffee on empty stomach then full !

Man,if it’s over than good,you got just to becareful,and hope everything is alright for you…

Caffeine screws with me too. It makes my visuals (usually just wall bugs and distortions) worse.

It’s because caffeine ups the level of most neurotransmitters in the brain. So any problems you had or are having get worse until the caffeine wears off. Caffeine also raises anxiety which is usually a huge trigger for symptoms.

Caffeine amps my head circus up many times. I try to cut down but I like the feel of it hitting my brain.

I know I have to cut it back too. It’s not doing me any favors. Bad dream is gaining on me.

But for your telepathy, your fighting that belief and your using logic to knock it down. Just see today as a glitch and do other things and let tomorrow be better then today. Just keep using your logic that telepathy isn’t real and you can kick it down.

I cannot live without coffee, I would be a vegetable without caffeine. I am sorry that you are feeling out of it. Maybe you could cut back on the caffeine a bit. This could be a temporary thing

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Caffeine makes my mind race, but i still drink it, i dont like to feel drowsy the whole day. I wasnt a coffee drinker but when my med manufacturing comp. changed i start drinking coffee.

Too much caffeine will do it if you arent on meds. Its uncommon but not unheard of for caffeine even in extreme quantities to trigger psychosis in medicated schizophrenics, I wrote a paper and gave a presentation on this. If you arent on meds, I would say no caffeine, but if you are on meds, caffeine shouldnt have a significant impact on psychosis. I drink like 400mg of caffeine a day, sometimes more, but I am a competitive powerlifter and burn that ■■■■ off so that makes me a poor example. Try lifting close to three times your weight five times NOT on caffeine and on 3 sedating meds which say “may cause drowsiness. Use care when driving a car or operating machinery” on each ■■■■■■■ bottle.

I told the members of my powerlifting team about my condition, sedating meds and caffeine habits. They know that I am on like 3 scoops of preworkout and need it to feel ready to lift as much as I can and train for up to 3 hours. I get exhausted by the end of my workouts though, so its all good.

I drink a starbucks sumatra cup of coffee every morning, 5 tablespoons of grounds put into one 16 oz cup of coffee, which is like 200mg of caffeine, and then another one in the afternoon on off days but on training days I take 2-3 scoops of a preworkout supplement instead which is basically powdered monster energy drink, each scoop is like a monster energy drink. I still sleep a lot and some days I am restless and some days I am normal and some days I am dead tired and nap in the middle of the day. I am getting bloodwork done this week to check on why I have ups and downs. Today I feel pretty level. Most of the time I am leveled out but sometimes I am testy and get horny or angry very easily.

I sometimes show up at training like “lets ■■■■■■■ do it, lets go!” and theyre like “go in the bathroom and rub one off, looney tunes”

Coffee definately screws with my head but I need it to combat the sedation off the meds.

One to 2 cups a day, and if i have 2 which is not often it is not right after the one but a few hours later. I drink about 1 caffeinated soda a month so that isn’t a problem.
I really have no problem with it. When I was 20 I drank like 4 cups strait in a row to see what would happen and didn’t like the feeling…all jittery…yuck.

Yeah I dont know if it was the caffeine alone but it was a major factor. Its like the subconscious switch got set over to hey there is telepathy that is all you should be thinking about. When it get like that I have a general feeling of unwelcomeness like everybody is trying to torment me. Oh well I went to sleep and woke up and I seem to be back on track. The disease is so ■■■■■■■ stupid.

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coffee doesn’t seem to make a blind bit of difference to my voices at all. i tried decaff for a month and guess what? no change whatsoever. i drink it by the bucket load too and i don’t get the jitters at all. weird how it affects some but not others. hang in there bryan. you know this telepathy ■■■■ ain’t real right? mine isn’t…urs isn’t. just splinters babe. that’s all it is. sub conscious splinters.

Thanks jane your the only person I know who has been through it to.

and hoping you feel better soon and can get some rest

You had what I call a glitch. I have glitches all the time. At first they used to upset me and I’d think I was getting worse again and would be back to square one soon.

But now when I glitch I go take a calming bath, a nap or a walk. If I’m at work and I have a glitch, then I just concentrate on the plants. I look at the plant I’m working with and try to recall everything I know about that plant.