Today on Cape Cod

I saw my Nurse last week. She asked if the tingling thing in my hands has dissipated recently, and I looked at her strangely. I said it had dissipated recently. Why did she ask? Well, a month ago I asked her if I could increase my Trilafon from 40 mgs. per day to 48 mgs. per day.

My other says I’ve been sick with schizophrenia for the last year. She says I’m no longer fun to be with. Well what do you want? Do you want me to go back to smoking?

I went caffeine free maybe six years ago? Even caffeine free, I drank like 15 cups of decaf coffee every single day. And every cup had to have cream or half and half in it.

Three days ago I stopped decaf. Just like that I stopped. What am I? Nuts?


PS I’m full of fear.



Oh I hope you and your other are doing o k? You always seem so happy this is sad that you posted so sadly. Maybe you are just tired of so much coffee?

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