Had a long talk with a really nice cop

I was walking to the store (there is a 24 hour gas station a half mile down the road from my driveway, even though my nearest actual neighbor is 2.5 miles away)

This cop stopped me, asked me if I was okay, I was not, I was tired, hungry and depressed because I had had a fight with my GF (a stupid fight all my fault, I said something without thinking and it hurt her feelings, which made her cry which made me angry for some reason) He talked to me for a good hour, bought me a coffee, and drove me home. Then he asked my GF to come outside and he helped me apologize, he gave a teddy bear to each of the little girls, and gave me his personal cell number to call if I have any problems in the future.

I mention this because my state recently started requiring training for dealing with the mentally ill, and the result is amazing. two years ago a cop would have found out I was depressed and Schizophrenic and would have simply called an ambulance and had me admitted. Now they talk to us and help us instead of simply judging us. I thank the efforts of Senator Angus King, who has been a driving force behind police reform in Maine. The fact he is Independent is amazing, because you don’t see many long time politicians who have held an actual office for most of their career (King was governor for several terms) who aren’t either Republican or Democrat.

This cop wasn’t just following his training either, he was genuinely concerned for me. It is very rare to find a cop who will take the time listen to someone when they could easily be doing something else. I have had cops blow me off for all sorts of reasons simply because they find out I am mentally ill. At my apartment they wouldn’t even send an officer if someone tried to kick down my door any more. It wasn’t until I got into contact with a detective that they started treating me like a human again.

Also I lost another 15 pounds in the last two weeks, and the cop told me I look a LOT thinner than my drivers license indicated. felt nice to complimented, only my GF and roommate had noticed my weight loss in the last couple months, even my pdoc didn’t notice only saying “looks like you haven’t lost much if any weight” I think 55 pounds in three months is good, I’m under 250 again


Small victories are the best and that isn’t a bad thing!

Nice cop. The modern world is so anti anything humanistic and that is a great officer for sure!

It’s good you’ve experienced this and not a bad lesson in dealing with your gf. Treat your partner like you want to be treated. That is a no brainer…we all do stupid shite but having a gf is better than not!

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

A friend in the struggle,


That’s cool, cops being considerate. :slight_smile:

I heard on the news one time that this older woman who lived alone had been swindled by a lowlife who said he’d paint her house. So a cop painted her house for her free of charge and on his own time. Cops do good things too.

I have always supported the police and military, but I have also been badly treated by cops in the past. when I got in trouble when I was 14, the cop who arrested me screamed about what I did so loud that someone got it with their dads video recorder (cell phones didn’t have cameras back then) my family had to sue to get my face out of the video, and the other family’s lawyer said it was protected under the first amendment. Thankfully we won, because I was 14 and the kid who recorded it was 17 and was videotaping through my bedroom window (I have NO IDEA why the guy was focusing a video camera through my bedroom window, I understand he was charged with other crimes after)

But yeah the cop who arrested me was entirely unprofessional, and was later fired because after he had me cuffed he pushed me to the ground, cracking my skull, and then tased me when I screamed for help, because ONE my mom was not home, I was home alone and this guy who only SAID he was a cop (he never showed me his badge) kicked in my door and started screaming at me. I thought I was being kidnapped or something.

That’s pretty amazing. I totally gave up trying to get this level of respect from anyone.