Had a date tonight

Went on a date tonight. We went to the mall and did some drawing :blush:

I had a good idea for a picture . She pretty much drew it all and I helped color it :slight_smile:

This is the first date that has gone well for me in a very long time. I will see her again

It’s me and her. And it’s the fusing of the digital world with the natural world :slight_smile:


Congratulations SORTA … ,

For e(Y)e Have Nvr Been To a Concert … ,

and Nvr Actually Been On An Actual Date , Date … ,

So Don’t Take Your Future For Granted … ,

Jus Sayin …

Thanks. Hey maybe one day you still could. You never know what the future holds

Tis True … ,

and Thanks For tha Flashlight Of Hope Within Such a Completely Hopeless Famule …

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and After Some Overthinking ,

e(Y)e Am Honestly Beyond That Rite Now … ,

It’s Jus Me and My Pup As e(Y)e Lyve With an Old Man Who Doesn’t Understand a ■■■■■■■ Thing
e(Y)e Am Saying … ,

Jus Wanted To Give Your Flashlight Back … ,

e(Y)e Got Some Candles Anyway …

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Ahah Good for you, hope all goes well. Funny drawing. :smile:

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Wow! That’s astounding news. Did you tell her that you have schizophrenia? She looks like a great artist by the way.

I don’t really ever tell girls that I have a mental health issue. I just tell them I can be a little strange but hey everyone’s strange to some degree :blush:

I don’t have an official sz dx. I mainly have had psychosis issues and mood issues.

She’s a very good artist I was impressed!


I love to hear about a ROMANCE - good luck to you!

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That is my ideal date! :heart_eyes:
Do some drawing with someone I love :heart:


She’s such an artist, btw.
I love the gradation.

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Yeah i was amazed!

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I like it all excepting the cat’s eyes. Are they the round part or the eyebrow like things above them. Whichever way I look at it changes the expression I see on that purple face.
All that aside, I’m glad you had such a good time.

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That’s great! I’m happy for you and happy to see that it went well

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Good on you man! :grinning:

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That’s good to hear you had a successful date. I hope you find the love of your dreams.

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Great! It is nice to have a fun date. Tell us how the second one goes too. :smile:

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