Had a couple of jam sessions with my good friend and learned something

I was keeping time by playing an African congo type drum along with my friend who was playing guitar. I did this for the first time in my life and we learned that I am excellent in keeping time on a drum. The whole experience of playing in a duo was totally rad and we enjoyed it very much. Last month, I laid some chords down on a piano to accompany her guitar on a church song that we played together and it went beautifully. We played it about three or four times and each time it went down perfectly. Now, she wants to take me on the road with her touring our town. LOL. (That is totally unrealistic.)


why? that could make some money couldn’t it?

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I don’t see how it could. I’ve never taken drum lessons in my life.

Go for it, sounds like an adventure.

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Both me and my friend are still music students the both of us. We are still taking lessons. I doubt we are ready to gig.

Ah, well, maybe eventually.

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Yes, maybe eventually. If I can ever get over my terrible performance anxiety.

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To gig around my home town with my friend at free venues is my dream someday. To one day be paid for it is my down the road, ultimate dream.

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I first hit the stage at the age of 13, oftentimes with a note from my mom saying I was allowed to be in a place that served alcohol. I’ve never had a lesson in my life. You’ll do fine. You have to see for yourself. Hit the stage with just a few well rehearsed numbers. It’s quite a feeling after a good show. I almost can’t identify with “me the performer”. I’m someone else. I remember being asked if I was nervous before a show at a large venue. I was 17 and I was scared to death. We were the main act following two acts that I thought were very talented. When the guy (our soundman) asked the question, I replied “Phbbbbbbbbt!” It was a magical night. Some nights sucked. Some nights were okay. Some nights were totally electric. Those are the ones that make it worth taking the chance. Break a leg!


Thank you everybody for your replies and your encouragement. I love you all.

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