Pre-gig angst

Doing a music video shoot tomorrow. I’m director, lighting director, and first camera. My daughter (age twelve) is working second camera, something she’s turned out to be a useful mammal at. I’ve done grads, weddings, and dance festivals before, but this is a whole new thing for me. Also a much higher level project.

Think I’ve re-checked gear for the fifteenth time and have spent all day reviewing shot lists and lighting diagrams. Need to go to bed and get some rest, but can’t shut my head off. Am also wound up about the number of people I’ll be working with tomorrow. A lot of extras for the dance scenes we’re shooting. One of the triggers for my symptoms.

Wish I could sleep…



good on you, that sounds cool.
as for sleeping hot milk and honey, lavender oil on your wrists or pillow, classical music…
you have the experience, you have the talent…just believe in your self…
if you can do weddings which has many extras and some times a bride-zilla, you can ace this.
wish you the best, hope to see the video.
take care


good thing you have a skilled job…let yourself be awesome and do your job well. Dont worry, be glad to be that highly functioning. Take pride in your work and try to enjoy it!

Im still a student, you have a particular set of skills, you have me beat!

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Sounds like a pretty cool gig though.

I’m a drummer and I get so very nervous playing gigs, well when I’m sober anyway, which I have been more than not the past four years or so. What works for me is practice, going in prepared, but this isn’t what everyone does as one of the guys I used to play with was superstitious about practicing the day before a gig. So I was always having to go in unprepared and his music was very structured and complex too.

I’ve recently stashed my drums in the basement though, I’ve lost so much interest in it that playing alone is no longer that fun and playing before an audience causes too much anxiety. I reached my peak at 16 drumming everyday and have never topped this. Lost a lot of interest.

Hey good luck

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Sounds pretty interesting though - I am sure things will go your way, I can easily work myself up with my emotions and thoughts when excitement is in the air - I recognize it as being a ‘normal’ human reaction

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What a fun job! You will do great. Some hot tea with chamomile and a book helps me wind down and sleep

Ugh. Got through it in one piece, but the stress of all the people triggered some symptoms. Managed to deal with them okay and still laid down almost 300 GB of raw video, which is currently backing up right now. This morning is devoted to a bit of file management, drinking lots of green tea, and watching episodes of Pinky and the Brain.

Thanks to all for the support.