Ha they want me to get more blood work!

they said my prolactin was high in my latest blood test i had on monday, they want me to get a testosterone check and prolactin checked, but they said they want me to be tested in the afternoon instead of morning since prolactin peaks in the morning. anyways i told them no, i said i will live with elevated prolactin for 6 months until my next blood work and then we can check it again, im not going to get blood work twice in two weeks, and i generally don’t give a hoot about prolactin, freakin doctors, think they run your lives. i guess they want to solve the problem they created in the first place by forcing meds on me.

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I’ve heard a lot about prolactin and testosterone testing on this website from a variety of people, I know what testosterone is but I don’t know what prolactin is. I’ve never once had a doc or pdoc mention either to me or test for it. I’m starting to wonder if I should ask for those tests just to be sure I am okay.

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elevated prolactin can make you lactate, even men. the meds probably cause this as a side effect. my nurse suggested i supplement with vit e and vit b6 to lower it. and it can also cause man boobs.

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Okay, I’ve never experienced that

I did have man boobs when I was overweight, but I’ve lost over 75lbs so its not a problem for me anymore. Maybe that was caused by high prolactin levels from my old med or maybe it was just because I was fat, I don’t know, but I am on a different med now.

Thanks for the explanation :grinning:

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Dopamine inhibits prolactin release from the pituitary. When you block dopamine with neuroleptics, prolactin release becomes less inhibited and therefore there is more of it released.

High prolactin is particularly common with risperidone and amisulpride, because they cross the blood-brain-barrier less easily than other dopamine antagonists, so to achieve the desired effect in the CNS, higher peripheral concentrations are required. The pituitary is outside of the CNS.


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Prolactin is very real.

Been there, lactated on the t-shirt.

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i called them back and said i would get more blood work when i got back from colorado in 3 weeks, but im not going before then, too much to do. i think i’ll be more relaxed about going to the doctor’s office after a vacation in the rockies.


Why do I get scared of blood tests?

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My blood must be very tasty. Every time I give some they ask for a second helping.


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i dont know what they can do about it anyhow? testosterone replacement therapy? abilify as an add on? i heard if you get on testosterone your body stops making it naturally, so im pretty sure i don’t want that.

or maybe that’s hgh? i can’t remember.

High prolactin can cause breast cancer in both men and women.

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