Guns. How comfortable are you?

Do you own a firearm? I know being SZ there are stigmas that think we will go crazy with guns. I personally can use a gun, but its my condition I don’t trust. Like what for some reason I’m not stable and I decide to kill myself with it. So that is why I opt in not owning a gun. Although I’m not sure due to background checks I couldn’t buy a gun. You see crazy gun bent schizophrenics getting hold of their parent’s guns. What do we do for home, and self defense? My MMA skills aren’t shabby and I also own a compound bow. I trust myself with a gun but I dunno I think it may be to much of a temptation to want to just kill myself on a bad day. So I don’t use them. Would be nice to go hunting that is something I could do.

I am legally unable to purchase a gun because of some of my hospitalizations. My constitutional rights are gone. Great system we have.

in star trek the doctor can revoke the power of the captain for medical reasons, so basicly were on the enterprise…


if i had a gun i think to be honest i would have used it on my self already, especially when i saw my neighbour use a gun on him self .
when i took the ambulance/paramedics people up there i felt like picking it up reloading and sitting next to him and doing the same thing.
take care

Im a mental warrior, suicide is not an option!

I have gun, i put a lock on it and gave the key to my parents, if i want to go to the shooting range they will give me if i am not into my delusion world.

It is absurdly easy to get involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward. A three day evaluation lets them take away constitutional rights? That’s just wrong.

That’s one reason I don’t want to be hospitalized. I have a few guns that I barely use because I don’t like to hunt, but lets face it, guns are fun to shoot. In a situation of self defence I wouldn’t use one because I’m an idiot and I’d do the wrong thing. The only person I would use a gun on is myself.

Used 'em, Like 'em, Can’t legally own one.
Own a stun gun, but lets face it, you realize how close you have to get to use it? Other than that, have plenty of knives, and in a pinch, pretty much anything heavy with an electrical cord swung around and around then smacked upside ones head will stop them. That and a can of aerosol propellant and a lighter works.


I don’t own one. I don’t want or need one. But it sure was fun shooting targets at the gun range. They rented us the hand guns.

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I live in memphis, a dangerous city, but I still dont think people should be allowed to have guns. They’re killing tools! Why give people tools to kill with if you dont want them to kill people? Gun rights are just disgusting to me because how many people would actually go to the trouble of murdering someone else if they couldnt do it from a distance?

I dont ever plan on owning one. It would make suicide too easy, I attempted suicide and i would have succeeded, no doubt, if i had a gun.

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I tried to shoot myself one night with a semi-automatic. Put in a loaded clip and squeezed the trigger. Nothing happened.
Realized I didn’t know how to shoot it. So Then I taught myself to use it.
Was so pleased with learning this I lost the desire to use it on myself.

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So they can hunt animals? Hunting is a tradition around here in Western Pennsylvania. I just want to hunt with my brother.

No guns for me thanks, I’ve tried to off myself too many times. With my luck, now that I want to live, I’d have a horrible accident learning how to use it.

I’m fine with no gun. Seattle is a pretty mellow city. Most of our city homicides lately have involved a car.

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There is no need to own a gun, but I love shooting as a sport, I just hold a knife inside the house when I’m sure there is an intruder, for self defense…that’s all

I carry a knife with me always, i don’t know if i get searched and found out that i have mental illness, will they prohibit me of caring a knife.

whats the point of going hunting? you can get food in a shop and hunting for sport is pretty inhumane,
i dont think you should kill anything for sport

guns to me are dangerous weapons, they make it easier to kill, same with a bow and many other weapons but out of them all guns are the worst,

over here we have excellent gun controls, the general population cannot legally own a gun which i personally think is a good thing,

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There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is to control the population of deer. Tradition, the enjoyment of the outdoors, sharing good times with family and friends, and a freezer full of delicious deer meat are also good reasons.

our government controls the population of deer, we have a cull every now and again and that is the humane way of doing that i think

and they sell it in the shops so we dont need to get blood on our hands,

Yeah, good thing for those shops. No blood involved when you buy it from a shop.

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