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Am I posting too much about guitar? It’s my current obsession, so let me know if I’m spamming.

Here are my current thoughts on it:

I have a lesson tomorrow. Will probably move up to include string 5 or the A string. Really looking forward to being on all 6 strings. It will make my ability to play full fledged songs more doable. Only one more to go after tomorrow, probably.

Going to ask about muting open strings when moving on to other notes. It seems strange to let a note that is supposed to be a quarter note ring until it’s completion. Otherwise, wouldn’t it just be a whole note or maybe even longer? IDK.

Regretting a bit making my “no guitar related purchases until after Christmas” promise. It seems so far away. I now window shop things I would like to get and just don’t buy them.

Not making a lot of progress on chords. I find them boring with my current level of knowledge. Much prefer to play the melody where I can play an actual song.

May ask about weird buzzing sound on D note on B string. Maybe fret needs some work done on it.

Probably about due for a restring of guitar.

These are my thoughts. Take them or leave them. Oh and here’s a poll.

Do I post too much about guitar?
  • Yes, less please
  • No, it’s just right
  • Please post more.
  • I don’t really give a F

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Haha! I talk about my banjo all the time. No worries @Bowens

Music means a lot to us sz.

Keep sharing by all means.

A restring is a good idea and you need to learn how to do it anyhow.



I like hearing about your progress :slight_smile:


I’m thrilled you are so on fire about the guitar…reminds me of me when I was getting started…


Thanks for all the positive feedback so far.

Here is 2 play thru’s of Amazing Grace from like 5 minutes ago with different amp settings, since some asked for more posts. Which sounds better in your opinion?


I like the first one the most


I also think the 2nd one may be too much for my mic and software to pick up well, as well. Its a bit too loud at that setting.


Yeah. I agree. It doesn’t sound quite right


I chose the last one because I thought it was funny and, because it’s up to you, whether or not you want to post more or less. Your posts don’t bother me at all.


Thanks @anon55031185 . I just am trying to be aware if I’m spamming or anything. I do post about guitar stuff a lot. Don’t want to be spammer!

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I’m glad it’s almost Monday. Getting tired of these song snippets. Ready for something new. The main song in the next chapter appears to be “Greensleeves”.


When I was a teenager and I got my first guitars I was uninspired even though I was crazy about rock and roll all my life. My mom offered to pay for guitar lessons and I was like no, I’m going to improvise like jimmy hindricks! Besides the fact that I got severely I’ll I never became a big star. When I got sick I stopped caring as much and lost interest in guitar for awhile.

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JUSt realized I was wrong about when I started guitar. Looked at post history and I got my first guitar on july 18th. And it took me awhile to get a book and then about 10 days for lessons so I have only had a guiter 9 weeks, not 3 months and been really playing about 2 months.

My memory is so bad at dates. Going to try to burn july 18th into my brain. It seems like a long time.


It don’t bother me none.

Keep posting!



Maybe it seems longer for a good reason. I’ve only been practicing guitar now this time for three years and it really seems long!


Its great but I think we still need a little more cowbell!


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