Another guitar lesson

Instructor gave me some examples of power chords to practice.

Gave me examples/practice song snippets to practice on sixth string.

Got into explanation of F# which I pretty much had already figured out from looking ahead in book.

Been practicing “Greensleeves” a long time now and he didnt even ask me to play it. He said “How we coming on 5th string?” because of position I had it in in book. Apparently he forgot we were on 6th. I think he has too many students to keep track.

Considering taking a month off lessons in November. I think I have learned enough that I can probably advance on my own a bit. I have like a zillion things I could practice. Haven’t decided yet.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Also, I think I need to start practicing picking technique with actual picks. I am currently picking with thumb only. Only dabbled with picks.


Dude, what’s up? Where’s that fire and determination I’m used to hearing in your guitar posts? If something’s getting you down, wrestle it to the ground and kill the sht out of it! Your enthusiasm has been helping me out in a big way, and I’m sorry/pssed off to hear you seem less rocked-out than you usually are. I’m a big fan, so keep on playing, your flatpick idea could be a real stepping stone for you. :metal::partying_face:


Sounds good @Bowens

Nice that you’re doing the lessons to build up

I never really got a foundation knowledge of guitar.

All I used to do was play chords and the odd tab from the internet

My old friends used to be in bands etc growing up, and played in pubs/clubs

It was cool seeing them do all that, but I could never participate unfortunately

What is the goal you’re shooting for? I mean the type of music you want to play?


Sounds like your progressing well matey. Well done and keep on keeping on.


It hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m still practicing everyday. I didn’t get much sleep and just took a nap until a half hour ago so maybe thats why my post seems bland. IDK.


IDK. Rock. Metal. ALternative. I like lots of guitar heavy groups and a variety of songs, so there are lots of options. If I had to choose something at this point, I would probably try to pick something light on the Big E and A strings, since they are my weakest strings at this point. Partially because they are more of a stretch being higher up on neck and partially because they are my newest strings. As far as what I’ve got coming up in book, should be on “The Star-Spangled Banner” in two or 3 weeks. I’m guessing that its still going to be several months before I’m exploring songs on my own. THere are still things that I need to learn and perfect in standard notation.

About 2 weeks ago I bought a book with popular songs in standard notation on kindle. Ended up returning it because the songs seemed too advanced for me. Think I need to stick with lesson book songs for a bit.

Edit: Probably mostly 70’ 80’s and 90’s songs are what I will be aiming for once ready for them.

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Thanks @rogueone .

I think ill make a goal to learn this song over the winter.


I like baroque music best. And then classical. And recently I started the blues because it’s the root of rock and roll. Most of all I like an Irish guitar book I own, I have Irish blood but on the DNA test says Welsh and that’s because we were run out of Ireland and immigrated to Wales. I like finger picking country blues, which is a little like the grateful dead. I use my nylon stringed guitar most because my picking finger won’t get hurt by it. Some rock and roll is not my taste at all, boring and stupid. It’s only been three years now since I began again. I found I can get into just about any kind of music by playing it. I like your enthusiasm.

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you’re going to love playing with different gauge picks!

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