@gratitude how is Lyft?


I’m struggling with it. Drivers are oversaturating my market.



I got approved but I haven’t done any rides yet was thinking about it today.

U mean there’s too many drivers not enough passengers.

I figured that could be the case with lyft more than Uber.



The first ride I was most nervous. It’ll become natural

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Yes. There were five drivers within just a few blocks the other night and I made 6$/hr that night

What have you done to prepare?

You need a few apps

GasBuddy for cheapest gas
FarePilot for places to wait at for rides
Waze if you like it, which I don’t. I use Google Maps
Stride Tax which is an absolute must because it records your miles for taxes

Let me know if u need any advice man. Lyft will be life changing if you end up really doing it

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Driving for ride share makes your taxes more complicated. It will also affect your disability. Do you know how much to write off per mile? What are you using for bookkeeping software?

All of these things should be considered before becoming a ride share.



Stride Tax the app takes care of all of that (except for the filing of course). I believe you get roughly 52 cents deducted per mile driven during a “Lyft shift”. Stride tracks GPS and lets you export excel files for filing.


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