Anyone drive Uber or lyft


I know @Nomad mentioned it.

But I feel this is the perfect job for someone on disability if you have a car and need some quick cash especially at the end of the month for me.

You can Make and choose your own hours. Make as little as you want or you can potentially probably make $1000 a month (at least here in the tri state area where it seems every body has somewhere to be).

I talked to my dad extensively about it today.

Problem is my car has a low mileage maximum only 10000 per year I mean probably gonna buy it when the lease is over.

But yeah I’m nearly approved for LYFT and I’m excited actually. Just gotta get a few things. Anything I should know @Nomad from someone with firsthand experience??


I’ve called Uber for rides. Haven’t tried Lyft. I like Uber better. I don’t use it everyday. Good luck.:blush:


i heard that it sounds good initially but after you take off the extras like fuel and tax its not as much, you could be out 12 hrs a day and only make $60 about $5 an hour. guess it depends on how many jobs you get etc


Yeah you may not make sh** doing it. It depends where you are. I think it pays to do surges. By the time you factor in fuel costs it’s not much
You can deduct like 54 cents per mile from your income taxes in the us.


In my country you can earn 2400 dollars a month on uber (before factoring in expenses). After expenses it’s something like 1050 dollars


Clean car, at all times. When I started Lyft it was with a just-bought car and the tips were much higher at the beginning because I had it professionally cleaned and so the tips started slowly declining when I didn’t keep it up as well over time. Also, and I’m thinking about getting this, a small hand sanitizer hooked up to the back of one of the front seats gives the impression that cleansliness is important to you.

Be yourself, because all the passenger is thinking about is you getting them from A to B safely and efficiently. I really struggled with this because I thought they were judging my personality but it was surely in my imagination because i have a 4.98/5 rating after 375 rides!

I’m actually restarting the Lyft gig after two months of psychosis and hospital visits. There are so many things I realized I was doing wrong before. I was just too uptight while driving and worrying about what could wrong and I wished I had more fun.

Also, I would invest in the Rexing V1 dash cam, it’s what I have. You need a dashcam for insurance claims. I used to use a 50$ Walmart dashcam but it fried on me!

Because I am having trouble condensing everything I wish to convey to you, I would buy this book, which I am currently reading: — he has some good insight in there and I’ve highlighted many pages.

Good night, and good luck!


Make sure your insurance covers your ride sharing, and pay the additional fee. As a former driver I assure you it’s worth it.

Also, while others may advise you not to obsess about your ratings, obsess over your ratings when you first start out. I thought if I just focused on providing a clean safe ride, my ratings would be good. This is not true. A drunk needing a ride home at 2am will rate you differently than someone you take to work at 8am.

After you get a feel for how you get rated, don’t obsess over ratings. As long as your safely above 4.6, it doesn’t really matter.


I don’t know the difference between uber ou lyft, but I found this video a few months ago, see if it helps…Do the math see if it fits for you :wink:

Usually here people don’t share their cars, it’s a company that leases a buch of cars to make them do money…