Grandiose delusions: believing one is a deity

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haha i used to cuss and say inappropriate things so nobody could ever try to deify me.

I’m too important to have delusions of grandeur. That would be a step down.


I’ve been told I’m a god by voices but I don’t believe them. I do think something I’m working on could change the world though. What I can say is it’s a website I’m building that displays information but the real value is in how the database I’m going to report is put together. I’ve hired a team from Pakistan to do the programming and it’s going well. About 2 weeks into the project so far. Expected release date in 3 months. If it works out I “pray” that my head doesn’t explode with meglomania


May I know which country you are from?

I live in Portugal but spent most my life in the USA

I used to be very active on here a few years ago maybe some remembers me


First of all I am unbiased towards anyone who’s intelligent and can get the job done. It just so happens that I’m disabled and have to live on disability so the only people I found that could work for the price I could afford were in Pakistan and Nigeria. The two Nigeria guys didn’t work out but the guy in Pakistan has and is very smart.

I am basically paying next to nothing and offering ownership in the company in return for the low salary. He believes in the idea I have and we’re going to build it together.

I’ve traveled all around the world and there are smart people everywhere.


Oh my god! @Moonwalker hello! Welcome back!

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Hey got to see you!!! How are you doing *warningg thread hijack+

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Been doing good! Still no voices only faint ones! Been having some delusions about the IRA though, nothing I can’t handle. How have you been?

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Sorry to hijack this thread!

Good to hear the voices are just faint and haven’t come back. Paranoia is always a possibility, I think it’s important to get a lot of sleep if your paranoid cause it’s stressful and tired you out.

I don’t know how long it’s been but thing have been moving along in Portugal here. I’ve been playing video games and forming discord channels for game guilds/groups/orgs

Finally took a break from that stuff and came up with a website idea two weeks ago and I’m going full steam ahead on it. We will see how it turns out: nothing wagered nothing gained


Damn right, best of luck with it man, :+1:t3:

If you want to see more about my recent experience read this thread. Hearing conversations that are not real

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The amazing part is I got a guy working way way way below his salary if he was in the USA because he BELIEVES in the idea. He codes till 11pm and then goes to the gym. His specialty is AI. And he speaks perfect English. And he’s 25

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Hey, @Moonwalker , whats up?
Where have you been?

Wow Om I’ve been thinking about you and whether you ever finished you religious texts and translated them to english

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Works on Saturday too. Everyday but sunday

Yes, i finished my gospel of Omism
and got published along with a political manifesto.
Are you ok? You hear voices and conversations?

But nothing is perfect, I broke a glass shower about a month ago trying to change the world. Funny thing it worked. But it was traumatic. The cops came and kicked down doors and took me to the hospital