Grandeur due to inferiority?

Why do I feel so special since I was a kid?
Like i have a special mission in life, like being the only real entity in universe etc.
Is it a divine revelation or inferiority complex? Lol


All my delusions have an element of grandeur in them. Even persecutory ones

I go through that…

I doubt your that bad. I mean I hear other people going on about themselves all the time. It does annoy people but none of them seem to have especial difficulties in finding friends.

I try keep any and all of that comparative crap to myself. I do though wind up in a state of feeling superior… which is an awkward place to dwell. Outside of that I feel incredibly isolated at times… The double-edged sword of being one of a kind. I’m special and unique, but because of that no one understands me.

From the outside I’m sure I’m normal. Perhaps even intimidating… more so than I would ever give myself credit for… then when realizing that I just get the strange sense of how weird humanity is in general.

On a simpler level though… you might just be more self-aware… and you can sense your own heightened sense of connection to things from that.

It happens to me… I look at and can feel what everyone else is doing at times… and it really feels like their values must just be ■■■■■■■ or their brains are just far too easily preoccupied.

I think the actual nature of what is going on with the self-worth and identity, self-esteem… it’s not something that should be reduced to a small set of rigidly defined absolute measures. It’s more complicated.

If you are really serious about what triggers your hubris… you should log it into a journal.

I become egocentric when… I’m ignored, I’m insulted or questioned without real reason, when I’m bored, when I’m stuck listening to other people for too long… when I drink too much coffee.

I think about all this a lot… I think what’s more important isn’t what you think about yourself. It’s how you treat others.

I have a special mission.
I am the only real being: all the
beings of the past, the present,
the future.
All are figments of my imagination.
I communicate with the
Supreme Goddess Annette and
I have her Grace.

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No question about it. When your life sucks and you are underfoot of society and you want to imagine otherwise that’s how your creative brain can compensate. I’ve had delusions of grandeur definitely and it was hard to come down from my imaginary perch and see the real World I was truly in. But I had to do it.


Did you overcome the fantasy world of grandeur and did you descend to this common world?

I think I really have. I know I’m not all that special and being at this group home reminds me of it every day. I also don’t think my writing is good enough to the point I can purchase my meds by making money off of it and have a life at the same time. So I toss a lot of it around for free these days.

I feel special too. Don’t most people?

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I feel kind of special but everyday tells me totally the opposite. the goddeess annette??? Jeesh!


4 days a week tells me other stuff.

I’ve suffered from delusions of grandeur. I suspect it’s an inferiority complex like you said but I’m not sure. Good question.


I think that feeling special is only due to independence. You are not a simple conformist. End of story.

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They call feelings of grandeur “compensation”. It’s denying your own abject situation to become something much bigger. As for the paranoia, you have to be pretty important for people to be out to get you. You pay a very high price for that importance, though.

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I think that too much happiness and ecstasy, can become grandeur. It’s not just the inferiority complex. This is what Wikipedia says

Maybe its like can’t keeping up to the expectations from the parents.

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I know im awesome. My Daddy skills are second to none. Ive had strangers toddlers come up to me and call me daddy, with their arms outstretched. Little ones can feel my love for them.

Its the others round here where i live that are thick as sh!t. And im not apologising for it.

Inferiority is not the controlling factor if you have something like @Naarai, something your good at then it transcends. Or someone or… the spirit in you.

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