GP unable to write fit note for UC

I was diagnosed in 2020, something I reluctantly agreed with at some point, then strongly disagreed with. After my CTO was lifted I was determined to be rid of services for good, so I requested a discharge from the second psychiatrist. I struggled at times over the years. I attempted to get a rereferral to CMHT from previous gp a few months ago, I couldn’t explain what I wanted out of cmht and as he thought I was doing OK, he didn’t put the refferal through.

I declared my condition on my UC account after diagnosis. Psychiatrist said I could never work and he wrote that it would be a risk. Though I did not have any work commitments anyway due to the age of my child. Recently I self certified for 7 days and requested a fit note from current gp. She told me she can’t do it as I was discharged and I do not have a diagnosis from the most recent psychiatrist. Whether I have schizophrenia or not, I still suffer the symptoms that brought me the diagnosis in the first place and lead to dysfunction in my daily life more than ever. She has rereferred me to cmht because there is no evidence of my inability to work from her perspective, which may take a long time, if I even get accepted.
In the meantime, I am now in the work group and feeling very anxious, my UC work commitments are now to look for and apply for jobs. I can’t even go to a shop, I don’t know how I’m supposed to manage to apply for jobs and start working. I had no choice but to accept these commitments as self certification period is over, but I know I technically cannot commit and my UC will be stopped altogether.

I don’t know whether to call gp again, any small incidence like this can lead to a kind of downward spiral and the uncertainty is bothering me. I have trouble with phone calls and she never bothered with an asessment, just looked through my recent records and made her decision.

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Last year I also had an employment coach. I tried going back to work got symptoms and decided to not go ahead. Then I tried starting a masters. Got serious tension issues and decided to quit. Then my pdoc called my employment coach to tell her I’m not ready for next steps.

They will push you. But all I did was work with them and keep communicating my symptoms. If you can’t work it will become clear during the process. It can be a stressful time though.