Student loan discharge

I had my dr of four years fill out my student loan disability discharge student loans.She put can’t concentrate,understand simple instructions,keep pace and workload,forget things for activities of daily living and residual function.for social limitations put see notes and for diagnosis mood disorder and moderate under control. Will see notes prevent me from winning disability discharge? What are my chances of winning?

idk, i havent heard of this before

@cbbrown got hers discharged. She might have info for you.

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My dr filled out the form and the only thing he said was paranoid schizophrenia and schizoaffective. My loans were all discharged. For 3 years after the date of discharge if I went back to work I’d have to start paying on them again. But I didn’t work at all and my case is now closed without any more follow up


I filled out a form with disability discharge, had to sign a piece of paper every year as proof that I had no income


I had my loans discharged before I was diagnosed with sza.
Back then it was just bipolar depression.
You should be OK.


I got mine discharged. Didn’t have to have a doctor fill out anything.


My case manager helped me get residual function for daily activities form and note from help out with the section said see notes for social limitations.

I also may send I my last Dr appointment and therapist notes

I need to look into this, I’ve been deferring mine every year.


Does calling hurt chances getting approved I’ve called 7 times in less than month

How long did it take to get discharged

I need to check this out. My have been in deferred and/ reduce.

Lol. I am waiting for my drivers license to be un-revoked and I call them everyday!

My claim has been transferred Nelnet awaiting approval I read once it reaches Nelnet it’s an approval . Then read where it has go to department education last and that’s when know discharged which is true

Mine were discharged. 2018 was the last of my three years’ monitoring period. I know that some people have to really fight to get them discharged, while it’s straightforward for others. All my pdoc wrote was “Sees demons”, and they approved it. I was shocked but happy.

What did your Dr put

Is true normally need word severe in order to get discharge

I believe just Bipolar and mdd

Do I have good chance with what my Dr put