GP asking for £100 for medical records!

Yup so he does it again. I’m applying for support while out of work. But they need my records and GP is charging £100. I’m ok to pay. Just not to him. They don’t care about patients it’s about money.

I’ve told this support worker to ask the psychiatrist for the records. I’m happy to pay them. Just not my GP

Plus he refuses to treat me for MI. Cos he doesn’t specialise in that. He just does the job of referring me.

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They charge here to if you want your medical records, had to do that once, pay, pay, pay

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I know but I thinks this practise is unethical and don’t agree with what they stand for. I need to move but I need to find a practise that will take me.

This man won’t do home visits … my gran is 95 …


Does that mean he’s asking for more wow

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I told the girl who wanted to access them she said PCT say it’s up to the GP.

It looks like your GP is a money grabbing crook who should be struck off.

She called PCT not my GP but you’re not wrong he is a crook and I never wanted to sign up. When he asked my why I rejoined … he even told me it was me who joined when I expressed my views. I told them it was cos my GP closed down

what is 100 euros in us currency - they don’t charge here at all

114.26 Euro approx

Sorry we don’t have euros in uk. It’s pounds.

100 pounds is
130.84 US Dollar

wait so you have to pay like a hundred dollars for you medical records? That’s total ■■■■

130 dollars. Yup. I guess it’s different everywhere. My last gp was great. Didn’t charge.

That sucks. My doctor didn’t charge anything for medical records when I was applying for special accommodations at school. He just printed it out and sent it over.

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Maybe you can pick up your actual records for free and get another GP. There your records, he’s probably charging you to make a copy

I’m happy to pay @Ninjastar but these guys don’t have ethics. Rude!!!

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