Am I being unreasonable?

I have insurance to cover for another opinion privately. But the problem
is the GP is unable to fax the documents over to the hospital because
it’s too many documents. So they’ve asked me to collect them and take
them to the hospital. I can’t do this as I find the reports quite
upsetting and very distressing. If I get my hands on them I won’t be
able to resist reading them and it will set me off the worry cycle will
start again.I didn’t tell them this at first but I have emailed
them and my GP. I am too embarrassed tto go into the GP practice as
well. And I won’t be able to get the reports to the hospital on time
anyway as the pdoc only works there a couple of days a week. I’m

just dont read them?

Yeah they’d be in my hand I’d be too tempted.

Maybe some type of in town courier could do this for you.

I wish that it could be done that way but it’s not legal…they can’t give highly confidential information to the courier. Imagine if it got lost. Anyway they’ve managed to fax it over. It was just too many documents so they didn’t want to.

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Maybe you go with a friend to pick them up - you sign for the documents then you hand them to a friend and tell him/her to not read them and not to let you read them - then you travel together, or your friend just delivers them to the hospital.