Got the Colon Cancer Test

I mailed a sample to the Lab…everything came back fine.

If you are in your 50’s, ask your Doctor to send you the test kit. It’s simple to do, and it could save your life.


Glad they’re screening you that way instead of sedating and snipping for biopsy like we do. I’ve already decided I’m not doing a colonoscopy. Why snip my colon to screen cancer? Why stop there? Biopsy my liver, kidneys, bones, and brain while you’re at it. Stupid. Pure money grab. Mailing in a sample is much more sensible, efficient, and safe.

Oh, glad you’re in good health d00d!


Glad you are in good health @anon39054230

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Glad it came back ok.

I can not stress more how important colon screens are. My grandfather had cancer and they ended up taking a few feet of his tubing.

If he hadn’t been screening, he wouldn’t of known until it was too late.

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