I'm not doing the colonoscopy

It’s making me feel so anxious I don’t want to do it at all. No.

Aren’t you too young for this @anon80629714?

You think so ? Probably another reason I don’t need it. I just complained of intermittent bleeding and a family history of cancer.

I didn’t know you have bleeding.
Listen to your doctors.

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What part of it is making you anxious? The preparation for it is kind of uncomfortable when you have to drink a lot of liquid and you can only eat certain food. But the actual procedure they knocked me out and when I woke up I felt fine. There was no pain.


It’s embarrassing plus if they give me meds to knock me out can they effect my mind

Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but so are many other medical procedures. I don’t think the medications they gave me were dangerous or damaging. But like Wave said, listen to your doctors.

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Wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to find out later you had a cancer that could have been treated early?


It’s 38 degrees here tomorrow I’m just wondering if it’s best to cancel it and postpone it to a later date and not tell all my colleagues about it this time

The doctors won’t feel embarassed, they’ve done that procedure 100’s of times. It’s better to just get it overwith.
And if your mind is affected by the drugs, I’m sure they’re used to that too

Don’t mess with colon cancer. I’ve had it done twice and I’m 40. If it runs in the family or there’s bleeding get it done ASAP! The earliest they can catch it the better odds you have at beating it. If you have anything at all. Yes, it’s embarrassing but that’s what these docs do all day everyday! The prep is the only bad part. The meds is just a mild tranquilizer and you won’t feel a thing. It doesn’t mess with your current medications. The funny or not so funny part is at the end when the nurse says we pumped you full of air and you’re going to need to give that air back before you can leave! I can’t imagine having her job! :poop::poop::mask::mask::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

It’s an easy procedure. Nothing to worry about.

I dont suppose you could do cologuard? That’s where they DNA test a stool sample in a lab. I’ve seen a ton of commercials for it.

Please don’t cancel your colonoscopy…if you have bleeding you should have it done !! A colonoscopy saved my life…

I was freaked out about having mine too, but afterwards it wasn’t so bad after all. I think you should keep the appt and do it

Do the colonoscopy! It could save your life, if you’re developing colon cancer.

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