Damn, I wish that didn't happen

Got in a fight earlier this evening with my sister and I’ve been feeling bad about it off and on ever since. We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight so I met her at her house at 6:00 pm. She was kind of tired and in a bad mood. So was I. I was sitting on her porch waiting for her to come out of the house and when she came out she started yawning. The way she yawns is so irritating to me. When she yawns, she acts like I’m boring her and she’s mocking me. At least that’s how I saw it. So I said something about it sharply. And she said, “I don’t need to hear this right now.” And went back inside. I waited three minutes and said,“Screw it” and got in my car and left. Now I’m wondering if this is going to be a huge deal or we’ll get over it. I don’t know which of us was wrong.


I bet you guys will get over it sooner then later.

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It could have been worse. You could’ve yelled. Was it a big sister?

Yeah, she’s two years older than me. It seems more like ten though.

Just apologize. Explain to her you were in a bad mood and you just took it the wrong way. Be the bigger person and dont let something so silly ruin a relationship.

Family is probably the one space where we let things go. Wouldn’t do it for everyone but you cut some breaks for family. Sorry you had a bad day but these things happen. Send some flowers if you’ve got some coin or apologise. A small price to pay in retrospect for being in a bit of a mood…

Smooth it over with chocolates and an explanation. Since you were both rude, I don’t think an apology is needed.