Just got punched

I was walking towards the entrance to the grocery store. Some woman approached me and made it clear she had every intention of blocking my path to talk to me.
She asked me for change, I said I didn’t have any, and she effing punched me in the chest!

There was a long line at the store, and none of the cashiers speak much English so I didn’t say anything.
But I’m a bit shook :confused:


omg, are you ok, are you hurt?




That woman has issues.


Wow! That is pretty ballsy of the lady. Who carries physical money these days. I know I don’t.


I’m a bit sore.
I’m going to be okay, I’m just gonna be scared to enter the store if I see her there again.
She and some fellers usually sit outside and sip beer.


Hope you’re okay @Miika.

Sorry to hear that. I had a scuffle myself in the bar - and am waiting for the police to nick the bloke from the cctv.


Many people prey on the weak. And us sz sufferers often have a vulnerable look in our eyes that invites trouble. I’ve been taken advantage of too.
If this happens again you should report them.

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Its assault bro. You should report it.
Dunno what its like where you are but theres CCTV everywhere where I live.

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Yeah, that’s assault. If you wanted to be mean you might report the incident to the police.


And tell them what? “Some old alcoholic in a pink dress punched me in the chest”? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Um, yes. That’s exactly what you do.


Thing is if it is in a public place there may very well be cameras that saw it. Even if not, you just tell them their sex, race, height, clothes, and they try and find a match of that person on cameras that did see them.

If I was even in slight pain I would call the police. You can’t let people assault you for no reason and not report them.


I’m glad you’re ok. Could’ve been worse I guess

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Did you video her and give to police?

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No, I ran into the store as soon as she moved out of my way, and she was gone when I came out.

I don’t like confrontation.

Her general description fits most of the alcoholic women in the area.
Short, looks older than she is, long grey hair in a bun, pale, thin.

A police report would do nothing.

I am considering asking my roommate to go with me to the store to make sure they keep an eye out for her so she doesn’t do it to someone else.

Did you have any previous encounters with this person? Or was it the first time she approached you?

Nobody can force you to file a police report, but you say this woman hangs around the store a lot. She could hurt someone else, and most likely needs mental health care.


How scary! You need to report it though. @ninjastar is right, she probably needs mental health care


Something you can do after you report it: next time that you see her at the store, stay in your car and call the police and let them know she’s there. Then they can come to you, and you can point her out

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