Met up with a bully

From school. She asked me what I was doing. I said I have a job and looking to move out at some point with my partner. I’m not having her think my life is misrable. She doesn’t and won’t and never did have power over my emotions. I am happy and she better see it.


You really have it together right now. I’d be jealous.

I don’t always have it together my life isn’t perfect but I’m not allowing her to have power over me. She might have giving me hell at school but not anymore she ain’t.

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Nobody really has it together. I see my old friends who are successful and I know that. They are just living their lives, mostly. But you aren’t giving her a reason to feel bad for you.


What do you mean by bullying?

So many call it but it’s outgraduated.

From the ages of 4 to high school (age 16) psychologically and emotionally bulled me calling me names. Telling people not to sit next to me. No one likes me those days. I was always picked last.

Might seem minor but she never stopped. It was every day I hated school I didn’t get good grades

So sad to hear. Typically kids come around. Mine did.

She talked to me nicely and all. She’s a lot nicer to me. But it’s no excuse for her behaviour. Last I heard shes not nice to her partner. I’ve not heard good stuff.

It crosses sexes had many girls railing into me then men. Do you have to put up with this person? I say leave.

Just met on the bus and lives nearby. Just wanted to her to tell her I’m happy. I guess I just wanted to tell her that.

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Good for you. When you can’t stake your claim against then prove it.

Oh yeah. They’ll act all nice and talkative cuz they know now that if they ■■■■ up they won’t get by with a slap on the wrist.

Glad it went well for you.



Your learning @anon80629714 . When your comfortable in your own skin those bullies can’t hurt you. I’m so glad you see that and moving forward. Take solace in the fact she’s probably in a shitty relationship and will become unstuck in life because those types of people get eaten up by their hate.

More power too you and well done to you! Sounds like your in a good place and that is great!

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