Got sent home from work today

Due to wearing leggings with a dress slightly above my knee. Leggings, people!

I’m not fired, but took a point against my work record. This place can suck it.

I was pretty much wearing pants under a dress. My uncle accused me of doing it on purpose because he thinks I’m a lazy bum that doesn’t want to work, then he made me leave the house for the whole day because it’s his vacation day from work. I believe he did it to punish me. I’m crying in the car in a parking lot right now. I’m not allowed back for 3 more hours.

I’m 31 years old. I can’t tolerate living with my aunt and uncle much longer. They’re making my recovery difficult, though they believe I have nothing to recover from.

I’m obviously working right now, so I can move out of their house, I should add. What the hell? This is the second time he’s accused me of not wanting to work in the past two weeks that I’ve actually been actively holding down a job. What a douche.

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Well, no harm done. They do sound strict there. But the job sounds like it’s good for you otherwise. Sorry that your uncle reacted the way he did, it sounds a bit over the top to be honest.


God, I’m so sorry :cry:
I can’t even imagine how bad you feel right now. Your uncle and aunt sucks big time.
Everyone gets to experience some kind of unpleasant situation at work. The only way you can’t make any mistake is if you’re not working at all.
Is there some dress code at your work ?
Could you rent a place with the money you get there?

No leggings allowed at work. I must save up money before I can move out. I don’t make much.

I got another job offer today for factory work and it’s in my town, so I think I’ll take it. The other job is 25 miles on the interstate. That’s 50 miles of driving everyday. I can’t save money when I’m spending that much for gas every week.


I didn’t get it, is your current job 25 miles away?
I guess you have to be patient for now. I lived with my sister and I hated it. I still can’t afford to live on my own. Just sucks.
I hope you know how significant and big is your effort to provide for your girl and yourself without anyone to hold your back.

I have a job like yours, we have a dress code.Just try to abide by it until you find something better.In regards to your aunt and uncle just try to deal with them until you maybe can get some section 8 housing or a roommate.Things will get better.Do you work in a call center?

I’m sorry to hear this. How much longer you think you need to work until you can afford your own place?

Wow… I’m sorry you have to deal with this… And it complicates the matter that it is your aunt and uncle. At least with our parents we usually have some leverage, so to speak. Hope you can afford your own place soon because no one should have to put up with this, especially not a sick person.


Yes, a call center, but I got offered factory work today for the same pay, better hours and closer to home. I have to take a urine test soon, hope I pass because my prescriptions for possible things they might find are at the house…which I’m not allowed to be in until 3 p.m. EST.

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Yes, my current job is 25 miles away. It’s costing me $30 a week to pay for gas and the gas prices just increased.

The new job offer is only about 7 miles from the house.

For a long time. I need to pay off some debt before I can even get utilities in my name. Even after that I don’t make enough to move. I can’t find a decent rent price. Cost of living is rising every moment.

I’m so stressed out. My aunt and uncle are making things worse and they don’t believe I have a mental condition. Well, my aunt believes the anxiety, but nothing else. My uncle doesn’t believe in mental illness. He believes mental illness is just a fancy name for being lazy.

I truly appreciate my uncle allowing me and my daughter to stay there rent free, but he needs to simmer the f**k down.

I hope you pass that would be so much better, commuting is horrible.I have to commute too when I was working (Im on short term disability now).I spent 45 dollars every week on gas that was a good chunk of my paycheck.I used to be so frustrated because I lived at my grandmas house with my aunt and her boyfriend and my uncle.I had a 12 year old at the time so I just wanted my own for her.Section 8 was closed where I live so I got on housing.Its not the best situation but I’m hoping it will get better.I pray 1 day I will be able to afford a regular apartment or maybe a house.I’m 35 so I hear what you’re saying

When I took a drug test, I brought all my prescriptions, but they said they didn’t need them. The only ones they need to see prescriptions for are adderal and controlled substances like opiates.

Good luck with the factory job. My mom used to be like your Uncle. Our relationship sucked because she thought I was just being lazy and needed tough love, when what I really needed was for someone to take me to a hospital. She eventually started getting it after the meds actually made me improve. It was like once she saw the solution, she suddenly realized I had been trying my best all along. But you actually are doing better, and he is still being a jerk.

I hope you can get out of there soon. I eventually just said fck it and lived in my car, but I guess that’s not a viable option for you.

I wish people would realize how important patience and understanding are to the recovery process. Schizophrenics do NOT benefit from tough love!

Section 8 is closed here too, but I don’t qualify because I make too much, but not enough to live on.

Ain’t that something?

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Sorry for your experience. If it were just me I’d live in the car, but, yeah. I can’t have my daughter living in a car, so I’m stuck.

Unfortunately adderall is one of my prescriptions at the house.

I passed for my current job without an issue. Hopefully I will this one too.

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I was the same way housing is based on income so it depends on how much you make that will determine how much your rent is.For instance I make 11.00 per hour plus bonus so with my bonus (btw I work in a call center too) I make 13.00.Its not the best but its ok and my rent is 439 on housing considering I have a child and with whats called a utility allowance so its more affordable.All the apartments in my area are like 600 and up so it gave me something affordable.

Damn it. I know it sucks, but you have to get all your strenght together now and think on what is best for you and your daughter !
I think I told you this already, but my mom also is having a hard time accepting that I have a mental illness, everyday I tell her a bit about the symptoms, what goes through my mind and every day she’s a bit more conformed about it. It’s different though, you’re uncle and aunt refuse to aknowledge it even exists, I don’t know the best way to deal with it, but you need to think on what’s the best and relaxed course of action here. So you don’t stress yourself into a spiral of symptoms again, this is very important. Your health, with or without their aknowledgement is the most important thing.
If you need to, just talk to them on how much you’re enjoying working and making your own money. It’s important to them, it must be what they focus on. I don’t know, I’ll keep thinking about it, if I remember anything else I’ll tell you.


I can’t have my dog, though, in public housing. We’ve had our yellow lab since she was a baby and there’s no way I’ll part with her.

You can have a pet they just charge a deposit.